Why AUBG is a smart choice to make

1. Smart Learning

Choosing a university should sparkle a thought, a glance, or maybe even an entire perspective of the idea what kind of person you will become after you graduate. How you will develop, not just what certificates you will hold. How will you become better? What will trigger your motivation to work harder, to discover your strengths, qualities, skills that will shape you into the person you want to become? 

University years are not just about studying, they are about learning. This is exactly why choosing a place where learning is taken to the next level and transformed into a smart process is crucial. At AUBG you will not only receive high-quality American education delivered entirely in English. You will not just get both a U.S. and a European diploma. At this place - accredited by the same body that accredits Harvard, MIT and Yale in the U.S, you will have the chance to forget your fear of failing. How? By trying a lot of new things, by constantly being challenged by professors, peers, and yourself to do more, to discover more, to find yourself. 

Being set in an environment that will not put limitations in front of you, but encourage you to experiment, you will be able to choose your own curriculum, professors, majors and minors. The liberal arts system puts you in an academic setting of excellence and introduces you to the practical knowledge of its faculty. Learning from inspiring people is a significant process of building upon the theoretical basis that really makes all the difference.

2. Smart Tomorrow

In  today’s fast-paced, constantly changing world, defining our tomorrow is becoming more and more a slippery matter. Hence, how can you be prepared for a successful tomorrow when the idea of it is getting blurred faster and faster? 

The statistics show that AUBG alumni are doing exceptionally well in their professional achievements worldwide - 99.8 % of them find a job or enroll in grad school within a few months of graduation. What is turning them into such successful global leaders? It is the experience at AUBG that prepare them for the numerous unknowns in their future careers, affected by various, ever-emerging global changes. The world is facing powerful shifts in a variety of sectors that alter entire cultures, call for new identities and create new demands, that need to be approached with certain sensitivity and new understanding of all that surrounds us. All new career paths and disappearing of old ones, integration of technologies wherever we set our eyes on, new communication languages where the visual is more and more present, new organizational structures - all of these game changers require new skills. 

Having wide range of knowledge in different fields of study, being adaptable, flexible, able to make sense of all the emerging changes by suggesting innovative solutions and ideas, being socially intelligent and diversity experienced - these are some of the key skills and qualities developed in AUBG students that make them stand out and actually become bearers of change.

3. Smart Community

If you happen to know AUBG alumni, or current students and ask them the question “Why AUBG?”, there is a really high chance that the answer is “Because of the community!”. You will experience diversity in an inclusive community with students from 35+ countries. Spending your university years in such a vibrant environment will undoubtedly reflect on your personality, perspectives on life and the need to connect.

Living on campus, sharing views, knowledge and ideas with smart and driven outstanding individuals, each one contributing to this community with their uniqueness and desire to improve - this turns out to be the one irreplaceable, unforgettable feature of the entire AUBG experience. 

Take your interest in any topic and apply your talent through the wide variety of exciting events and activities on campus. AUBG students are strongly encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities by joining student clubs and thus not only have a lot of fun, but in the process of working on important projects, they build essential qualities like organizational and communication skills, taking initiative and venturing outside their comfort zone. 

AUBG is the community and the community is AUBG.

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