3 reasons why you’ll love life and learning at the American University in Bulgaria

1. High Quality Education

Dual U.S. and EU diploma, interdisciplinary teaching and a rich variety of academic programs make AUBG a desired destination for talented students worldwide. The liberal arts system taught here provides an opportunity to combine different fields of study for greater professional success and personal fulfillment. Degree programs and curriculum are regularly upgraded and modernized to respond to the ever-increasing demands of the global business environment. AUBG is home to an international faculty body comprising world-renowned experts in academia as well as experienced practitioners, who work tirelessly to create an outstanding academic experience for students. Our degree programs consistently peak academic ratings.

2. Career Success

AUBG graduates top global success rankings with 99.8 percent employed or enrolled in grad school within a few months of graduation. Further, 65 percent of graduating students receive more than one job offer or higher degree program acceptance letter when they applied for work or a higher degree upon completing their studies at AUBG. 

AUBG alumni score remarkable compensation results. Approximately 20 percent of graduates earn more than $100,000/year and over 20 percent of alumni from 1995-2005 who are currently working in the US earn more than $250,000/year. AUBG is the home for creators of companies like Telerik (worth $363,000,000).

3. Great Value for Money

AUBG graduates rate the university’s value for money at 6.24 out of 7.00. This outstanding result is no surprise. AUBG boasts affordable pricing (tuition and cost of living) combined with numerous scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

We are highly selective and encourage you to reach your full potential no matter of your background. That is why most of you receive some form of financial support.

Financial aid, various scholarships, and student assistant or work-and-travel positions – together we will make sure you get the best value for your money. We offer each of you the best financial package to fund your education.

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