Exhibition: The Bearable Lightness of Not Being

7:30 pm - 5:00 pm
March 19th
Lobby, ABF Student Center

We are thrilled to invite you to prof. Nedyalko Delchev's fourth solo exhibition called "The bearable Lightness of Not Being. Being a theater professional means working with elements of all arts - literature, music, fine arts, architecture, etc. During Prof. Delchev ‘s 30 years theater career, quite unexpectedly, his passion for drawing has been coming and going. This would be his fourth solo exhibition. The last one being 20 years ago. For Prof. Delchev painting is like Chekhov said “my secret lover” and theater “my lawful wife”...being not professional and doing art for him is liberating! It is like singing in the bath. Like magic journey back in childhood... "At least for me it has been a pure joy" he says. He imagines, his works are not realistic reflections of the lost worlds, time and places. Fantasies and jokes about the possible, but not visible. And most of all - they are jokes, satirical observations or longings for lost realms. Join us for an exciting opening reception on the 19th March from 7:30 p.m. in the ABF Lobby.