Heathers: The Musical

8:00 pm - 10:45 pm
March 25th
Dr. Carl Djerassi Theater Hall

Heathers: The Musical for the first time on the Bulgarian stage! Live in English with Bulgarian subtitles, with live music by The Haters. Production of the "Broadway" club at the American University in Bulgaria. "Heathers" tells the story of Veronica Sawyer, who will lead us on the thorny path of growing up. Motivated, courageous, ready to take over the school hierarchy with a bang, Veronica becomes part of the murderous trio at the very top: the Heathers. Just then, Jason Dean appears, shrouded in mystery and charm, to steal her heart. We delve into the dark and complicated relationships at Westerburg High, where the Heathers dictate the rules, Kurt Kelly, the captain of the football team, and Ram Sweeney, the quarterback, enforce them with a heavy hand and ugly taunts, and everyone else follows the imposed status quo peacefully and meekly. Are Veronica and JD capable of overturning the established order? Revolutions demand sacrifices...but do they? Awarded for "best new musical", Heathers will be presented on March 25, 26, 27 and 28 in Blagoevgrad; March 31 in Sofia; April 2 in Stara Zagora; April 4 in Burgas; April 6 in Varna.

Producer: Boris-Mikhail Khadzhimalakov; Assistant producer: Yanita Hristova; Director: Temenuga Georgieva; Assistant directors: Stefani Angelova and Damian Ivanov; Vocal teachers: Aprajita Jayaram, Alexandra Krasnova; Choreographers: Teodora Nedeva, Zhanita Hristova