Investment Challenge: Buy or Short

5:30 pm - 4:00 pm
April 05th
Panitza Library

The Buy or Short Challenge aims to introduce AUBG students to the world of stock picking. Participants need to form teams of 2-4 people, choose a publicly listed company, and present a case for either buying or short-selling its stock. Students will have to use various kinds of analysis to support their recommendation - from evaluating the macroeconomic environment and developments within the company to projecting financial data into the future.

Teams will have both mentors and educational handouts to help them with the more technical aspects of the challenge, so students of all standings are welcome to participate, regardless of their experience in Finance and Economics courses.

All students can participate in the event, especially this who are interested in Finance and Economics. Younger students are also encouraged to join, even if they have not taken many finance or economics courses, since there will be mentors and helping materials to guide them.

Excited about stocks and investments?