Alumni Evening in London

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
January 25th
Patch Bar, 58 - 60 Carter Ln, London EC4V 5EA

President Dr. David Evans and Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees & Former AUBG Student, Victoria Entwistle invite you to an AUBG Evening in London. Mark your calendar and join AUBG representatives, fellow alumni, and dear friends as we gather to celebrate AUBG's greatest achievements during the past year and look ahead to all that is yet to come!

The evening will be an opportunity to learn more about AUBG's newest endeavor - the Center for Information, Democracy, and Citizenship (CIDC) from the Director of the center, Tihomira Doncheva. The CIDC strives to increase the resilience of local and regional democratic processes and institutions by fostering and sharing academic excellence and best practices, providing access to experts and high-quality resources, leveraging existing and developing new sustainable networks and promoting multi-disciplinary discourse in the public interest

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