AUBG Civic Society Forum 2022

12:00 pm - 8:30 pm
November 16th
Sports Hall, ABF Student Center

The American University in Bulgaria invites you to participate in our 2022 Civil Society Forum. Organized by our Career Center and the newly established Center for Information, Democracy, and Citizenship, the event aims to connect AUBG students to the change-makers in our society.  Our annual NGO fair is growing bigger this year! We will have more time for students to connect with representatives from the civil society, non-profit and non-governmental sectors, and to learn more about their work and initiatives. On top of that, we have prepared three-panel discussions to highlight the importance of being an engaged and contributing citizen.   Program 12:00-18:00 - Organizations Fair  16:30-17:30 - Panel A: Finding Your Cause  18:00-19:00 - Panel B: Civil Society and the Business    19:30-20:30 - Panel C: CSO-ing Part-time 

Registration for NGOs

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