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Our diverse community

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Diverse Community

AUBG educates students to support each other no matter of their differences.

  • Nationalities from six continents - students, professors, and staff all make up for the diversity on campus. More than 50% of the AUBG student body and faculty is coming from countries different than Bulgaria.

  • Liberal arts universities often offer generous scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and AUBG is no exception. In addition to large donations from organizations like America for Bulgaria, the university also receives contributions from companies who look forward to recruiting AUBG graduates, as well as scholarship donations from our very own alumni.

  • The University will make every effort to be accommodating to students who need additional assistance and support for their education. Accommodations for learning disabilities and other concerns have been made in past years and we will be glad to work with students and help them succeed.

  • AUBG promotes gender equality and supports efforts to tackle the gender gap.

  • At AUBG we respect people with different religions and beliefs.

  • Universities across the globe are happy to accept students with a Liberal Arts degree because they know that such students possess curiosity, critical thinking, and persistence: qualities that are all highly valued in the world of academics.

    Many AUBG alumni have continued their education with a master’s degree in universities like Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, and The London School of Economics. Some have gone straight for PhD degrees in STEM fields in some of the most prestigious schools in the world. And a few have themselves become respected professors in the U.S., Europe, and beyond.