The Business Challenge

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
March 01st
ABF Student Center

Monopoly World: Roll the Dice and GО! - First Edition of the Business Challenge.

The new event will simulate an environment in which AUBG students will tackle 3 different real-world business scenarios. With a focus on Marketing, Sales/Finance, Management, and Innovation/Sustainability, participants will be guided by C-level professionals to develop strategies and solve comprehensive business issues/ cases from our leading sponsor companies.

Teams: 12 teams, 3/4 participants each
Mission: Simulate real-world business scenarios
Guidance: Mentorship from C-level managers
Focus Areas: Marketing, Sales/Finance, Management, Innovation/Sustainability

List of partners, sponsors, co-organizers


The companies, which are financially sponsoring us, but are not case providers are: HP, A1, Zlatna Ribka, Asarel Medet and MarketStar.