8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
April 01st
Kino Theater Osvobozhdenie, Sofia

The Broadway Performance Club at the American University in Bulgaria is staging a musical from the Broadway repertoire for the fourteenth time on the Bulgarian stage. This year the club, managed entirely by students, is preparing for its audience the production Legally Blonde The Musical - a musical in English with Bulgarian subtitles, accompanied by an orchestra with conductor Hristo Pavlov. Let's take you back to the colorful early 2000s with the beloved characters from the movie cult classic Legally Blonde. The musical tells the story of law student Elle Woods, who fights the stereotypes surrounding her in a fun and witty way. After following her great love Warner all the way to Harvard Law School, Elle faces hardships, and disappointments, makes lifelong friendships, and finds her way to self-discovery.

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