Masterclass with Dr. Yusaf Akbar

3:45 pm - 5:45 pm
January 22nd
Panitza Library

Dr. Yasaf Akbar, Full Professor of Management at the Central European University in Vienna and a longtime contributor to the executive MBA program at AUBG, will give a master class on whether the 21st century economy is facing de-globalization or a shift towards a slower, more multifaceted form of globalization, commonly referred to as "slowbalization."

Dr. Akbar has extensive experience teaching, researching and consulting in emerging markets, including Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. He has also held Visiting Researcher positions at the University of Trieste and the Wirtschaftsuniversitat in Vienna.

Dr. Akbar has consulted for a variety of companies, including bTV Bulgaria (a division of Time-Warner), Citibank, Deutsche Telekom Telenor Globul, Siemens, and Toyota. He has also trained executives for a number of organizations, including the Stockholm School of Economics, WDI University of Michigan/SSE Riga, Jerónimo Martins Polska (JMP), InBev, ETEX, Raiffeisen Banking Academy, CIB Banca San Paolo, and Morgan Stanley.

Please join us for this important discussion on the future of globalization.