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Center for Information, Democracy, and Citizenship

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AUBG as an impact university works towards a society of free and informed, active and participating citizens, empowered to contribute productively to the common good.


Our mission

  • To develop academic and co-curricular programs that support democracy and civic commitment.

  • To initiate fellowships and other opportunities to bring experts from diverse fields to campus.

  • To collaborate with key stakeholders within and outside AUBG on multi-disciplinary, cross-sectional themes.

  • To foster a structured, systematic approach to the study and practice of information, democracy, and citizenship.

  • To establish AUBG as the go-to place for shared resources, partnerships, research, and advocacy.


Our vision

  • Build bridges between the public and private sector, academia and civil society, government and non-government institutions through interdisciplinary research, publications, etc.

  • Network with the changemakers, involving them in cutting edge and cross-field discourse through events, conferences, roundtables, etc.

  • Serve as a trusted partner to collaborate with and the go-to hub for high-quality resources, networks, and expertise in Bulgaria and the region.


Our community

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The CIDC is not one person or one physical place. It is a mission, it is a belief, it is a set of values that is lived and exemplified by everyone at AUBG and those who will partner with AUBG.

Tihomira Doncheva, Director of CIDC

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