Lecture: Environmental Protection and Sustainability Development in CCHBC

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
November 28th
Aspire, ABF Student Center

Our environment faces enormous economic, social, and environmental challenges. To combat them, Coca-Cola's Sustainable Development Goals set out our green priorities. They represent an opportunity to develop the company in a more sustainable way. A holistic approach is very important to achieve sustainable development for all. If you are curious about Coca-Cola's sustainable business practices, this lecture is for you.

In the lecture we will talk about:
• How a company develops sustainability goals?
• Why environmental protection is important for the business?
• What are the criteria to say that one business is sustainable?
• What is the next step for environmental protection in the face of measures and policy?

BIO: Ventsislav Kachovski, Environment Manager, CCHBC Bulgaria

Ventsislav is an Environment Manager at Coca-Cola HBCBulgaria. His background is related to the field of heavy industry, utility companies, and production. He has a tremendous passion for innovation and believes in the power of new technologies. As an environmental manager, he is actively involved in the participation, implementation, creation, and management of various programs and projects in the field of environmental protection. The projects are related to the reduction of CO2 emissions, management of the generated waste from the company's activity, and reduction of the used resources for production. Since 2019, Ventsislav is in the role of Environment Manager for CCHBC Bulgaria.