Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Solutions

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
March 28th
MyFlex, Sofia

March is Green-friendly.

March is welcoming spring back and is a kick-start to new beginnings.
This March isn't marching the way previous Marches, marched.
Therefore, we would like to turn our focus to the emerging issue of Climate Change. The March AAA Networking Event would like to bring awareness to this emerging problem with our topic "Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Solutions". For this purpose we have invited 2 keynote experts in the field in order to elaborate more on the topic, explain, describe, and discuss possible solutions.

We are honored and pleased to present to you:
Aleksandar Paskov ('97) - public policy, environmental and energy activist

Vladislav Panev - licensed investment consultant, entrepreneur and politician

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