Train Your Way to Success Vol. 3

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
February 22nd
Sports Hall, ABF Student Center

Train Your Way to Success" is a premier annual event hosted by Griffins, aimed at inspiring and promoting active lifestyles among students at AUBG. This year, drawing inspiration from the popular reality show, the event is set to be particularly thrilling. The event will unfold in two exciting parts. Firstly, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a dynamic Q&A session with esteemed guests, including renowned participants from the show: Vanya Zapryanova, Stratimir, Vays Saifi, and Teodora Mudeva. Following the insightful discussions, the event will transition to an exhilarating competition designed to test participants' flexibility, speed, and logical prowess. Divided into three teams, each comprising eight members and led by one of our distinguished guests, participants will navigate through challenging tracks. The teams that achieve the best times will claim the coveted grand prize.