Daniela Kirilova


2015       Doctor of Physical Sciences, Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian  Academy of Sciences
Dr. Sc. Thesis “Processes in the Early Universe and Their             Cosmological Effects and Constraints”

1985-1990: Moscow State University and  State Astronomical Institute           "P.K.Shternberg", Moscow, Russia
Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics (February 1990, Ph.D. Thesis  "Kinetics of Nonequilibrium Processes and the Early Universe", Research Advisors: Prof. A.D.Dolgov and Prof. L.P.Grishchuk.

1979-1984: Physical Faculty, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria
Diploma Thesis in Theoretical Physics and Astronomy (June 1983),        Research Advisor: Prof. Matey D. Mateev, M.S. in Physics with highest honors (January 1984)

Teaching interests

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