Crombois, Jean


Crombois, Jean

Email Degree Ph.D., Modern European History, Free University of Brussels, Belgium


  • EU Integration and the Transformation of Diplomacy: from 1945 to present (Jean Monnet Module), EUR 111a
  • EU Project Writing and Management, EUR 321a
  • EU Russia/China Relations and the Foreign Policies of the EU Member States, EUR 405a

Research Interests

  • European neighborhood policy and European security
  • History and theories of European integration
  • Comparative constitutionalism in Europe
  • EU external affairs
  • EU institutional framework, EU law, EU interest groups and lobbying


Ph.D., Modern European History, Free University of Brussels, Belgium, 1999

Past EU Projects (Completed)

2014-2017: Jean Monnet Module on ‘European Lobbying: Interest Groups and European Integration’ (553143-EPP-1-2014-1-BG-EPPJMO-MODULE).

2015-2018: Jean Monnet Module on ‘European Integration and The Transformation of European Diplomacy from 1945 to Present’ (564994-EPP-1-2015-BGEPPJMO-MODULE).

Jean Monnet Module on EU Diplomacy: Policies and Instruments (2019-2022)


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