Custer, Benjamin

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Custer, Benjamin

Email Degree Ph.D. Communication, University of Arizona, USA, 2020


  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Psychology of Social Change
  • Intimate Relationships

Research Interests

  • Social psychology
  • Media psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Relationship science


Ph.D. Communication, University of Arizona, USA, 2020
M.A. Communication, Stanford University, USA, 2014
B.S. Mass Communications, Texas A&M University-Texarkana, USA, 2011


Floyd, K., Woo, N. T., Custer, B. E., Dinsmore, D. R., Duncan, K., & Maré, J. (2022). Examining the social signaling and person perception functions of loneliness, OBM Neurobiology, 6(2), 119.

Hesse, C., Floyd, K., Rains, S. R., Mikkelson, A. C., Pauley, P. M., Woo, N. T., Custer, B. E., & Duncan, K. (2021). Affectionate communication and health: A meta-analysis. Communication Monographs, 88(2) 194-218.

Lapierre, M. A., & Custer, B. E. (2021). Testing relationships between smartphone engagement, romantic partner communication, and relationship satisfaction. Mobile Media & Communication, 9(2), 155-176.

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Floyd, K., Matheny, R., Dinsmore, D. R., Custer, B. E., & Woo, N. T. (2019). “If you disagree, unfriend me now”: Exploring the phenomenon of invited unfriending. American Journal of Applied Psychology, 7(1), 20-29.

Lapierre, M. A., Zhao, P., & Custer, B. E. (2019). Short-term longitudinal relationships between smartphone use/dependency and psychological well-being among late adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Health, 65(5), 607-612.

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