McGuire, Stephen Ph.D., MBA

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McGuire, Stephen Ph.D., MBA

Degree From The George Washington University


  • Organisational Design and Management

Steve McGuire is a Professor of Management and Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute at California State University, Los Angeles, where he received the University Outstanding Professor Award. He previously taught at Georgetown University (Washington), the Catholic University of Portugal (Lisbon), Moscow University Touro (Moscow), and The George Washington University (Washington), where he was awarded the Bender Prize for Teaching Excellence.

Steve is a former partner of the HayGroup, where he was CEO of Hay Portugal and later Director, Hay International Business Group. He worked as a management consultant for major organizations in 23 countries. In Los Angeles, Steve works one-on-one with students and members of the community to move from a business idea to a business plan to a new venture. He carries out empirical and case study research on culture and entrepreneurship, and the relationships between cultural values, conflict styles, ethics, and entrepreneurship among people in different countries.

Steve McGuire has a Ph.D. in Business Administration from George Washington University, B.A. at Providence College, and an MBA. at IESE (Barcelona), Connecticut State University (New Haven, CT), The University of Coimbra (Coimbra, Portugal), and The Sorbonne (Paris).