Yusaf Akbar, Ph.D.

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Yusaf Akbar, Ph.D.

Degree Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sussex


  • International Business

Dr. Yusaf H. Akbar is Associate Professor in Management at the Central European University Business School in Budapest, Hungary. With extensive teaching, research and consulting experience in emerging markets, currently engaged in consulting and executive education in Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Poland, Russia and Ukraine, he has recently completed Visiting Researcher positions at the University of Trieste and the Wirtschaftsuniversiteit in Vienna. His consulting and professional references include bTV Bulgaria (a division of Time-Warner), Citibank, Deutsche Telekom Telenor Globul, Siemens, and Toyota. In addition, Yusaf has trained executives all over the world and across sectors: Stockholm School of Economics – FEM Leadership Program, WDI University of Michigan/SSE Riga – Strategic Management Program,  Jeronimo Martins Polska (JMP) – Business Development Seminar,  InBev Global Leadership Program – Senior Management from InBev’s operations in Central and East Europe and Latin America, ETEX – International Business Strategy Seminar – Top management from Latin America, Europe and Asia,  Raiffeisen Banking Academy – Strategy and Leadership Seminar,  CIB Banca San Paolo – Controlling and Management, Morgan Stanley – Strategic Management.

He has published in peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Air Transport Management, Cross-Cultural Management, Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, Journal of World Business, Global Business and Organizational Excellence, Thunderbird International Business Review and World Competition. He has published two books the first entitled EU Enlargement and Central Europe: Regulatory Convergence and the Multinational Enterprise and another volume, Global Antitrust: Trade and Competition Linkages.