Benefits and career impact

AUBG’s Executive MBA program helps you grow both personally
and professionally as you build a strong network of management colleagues. 

The curriculum is designed to develop and enhance current knowledge through a sequential, team-based learning experience focusing on the various business functions of an organization and facilitating the strategic thinking that allows for integration and successful decision-making.  In addition to studying and practicing strong communication skills, effective team-building techniques, and strategic decision-making, you will be part of our leadership seminars where you interact with and learn directly from current global managers and business owners.

The case based approach will prepare you for real-life business situations through the study of existing organizations and their challenges. Our EMBA program also has a  class European business trip which allows the students to further focus on functioning businesses in one of the larger European cities Through both case studies and our international trip, you will see and experience how very successful international companies from a variety of cultures, locations and industry sectors operate.

The team spirit of cohort-based learning and the interactive teaching approach of the program create a unique, developmental environment in which knowledge acquisition and experience exchange are key.

The unique interactive approach in the Executive MBA program will help you enhance skills which are keys to your career success and advancement.  The experiences in the classroom and the personal development opportunities combine to increase your leadership skills and your ability to contribute to the success of your current and future organizations.

When you join AUBG’s Executive MBA program, you are joining a group of over 250 alumni who are business, government, and NGO leaders in Bulgaria, the region and around the globe.

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