NOVA EMBA Scholarship Competition Gathered 21 Projects

September 28, 2023
NOVA EMBA Scholarship Competition Gathered 21 Projects

A total of 21 projects enter the decisive final phase of the competition for the joint scholarship of the NOVA and AUBG Executive MBA program, whose purpose is to encourage future and current entrepreneurs to work on solving social problems. The initiative gives the opportunity to express young socially engaged people in the country through a special competition in honor of the 20th anniversary of the EMBA program at the university. The exclusive partner of the initiative is Nova Broadcasting Group.

The scholarship, in the amount of 16,700 euros, covers 100% of the academic fee for the Executive MBA program at AUBG, and all interested parties had the opportunity to participate in the competition between May 24 and September 15 this year.

As the next step, the jury has the task of reviewing all the candidates and choosing five finalists. Candidates who have reached the final phase will present their projects in front of the members of the jury on Sept. 30.
Among the topics that the candidates chose are the transformation of work processes in the modern world, environmental care and nature conservation, the need to popularize the topic of preventive examinations, sexual education, the development of career platforms and others.

On the basis of the presented business model, the candidates who have joined the NOVA EMBA Scholarship will have to go through a special process, which the EMBA admissions department will coordinate, and the evaluation will be carried out by a jury of AUBG faculty and staff, as well as representatives of Nova Broadcasting Group.

The judges include Provost Mininger, as the chairman of the jury, the chief executive officer of the Nova Broadcasting Group, Stefana Zdravkova, the director of “News and Current Affairs” at the Nova Broadcasting Group, Iliya Dafov, the professor of social entrepreneurship in the EMBA program Neli Koleva, the academic director of the EMBA, Dr. Momchil Karpuzanov, PhD holders in international law and international relations Victor Serafimov (’21) and Evelina Van Mensel (’16), who is part of the business department at AUBG and a doctoral student по Ecosystems, supporting social entrepreneurs.

The name of the winner will be announced on Oct. 6, and the award ceremony will take place on Oct. 20 during a special gala evening dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Executive MBA program at AUBG.

NOVA ЕМВА Scholarship is awarded only to the individual winner, determined by the jury and cannot be transferred to third parties. If the recipient is unable to start the program, the admissions committee may decide to award the scholarship to the next ranked participant. The scholarship is received as a credit towards tuition fees and is applied directly to the student’s student account.