AUBG EMBA Cohort 22: Inspired Leaders

January 18, 2023 Tsvetana Haydushka
AUBG EMBA Cohort 22: Inspired Leaders

Coming back to school may be challenging. Especially after years spent in the professional sphere. However, the best professionals are used to challenging themselves and learning throughout their whole lives. This is what the AUBG EMBA cohort 22 is doing today. Taking up yet another educational challenge.  

This year, AUBG welcomed 28 students coming from Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, and Taiwan. In the next 16 months, they will spend four semesters upgrading their knowledge and skills.  

AUBG President Dr. David Evans welcomed Cohort 22 wishing them to follow the example of their predecessors who built strong lasting connections. “The power of the program is that it builds this positive relationship between the people”, Evans said. He wished the students to enjoy the journey and take everything they can out of the program but also, to make sure they have a good time.  

“I enrolled in the EMBA program because I was looking for a new challenge,” Svilena Valcheva said. “I’ve always known it would be AUBG. I don’t think there is a better Executive MBA program in Bulgaria. Today is very exciting, the group looks very diverse. And that was another reason – I wanted to meet interesting people, professionals from different spheres. I am looking forward to the exchange of knowledge and expertise with my classmates and the professors.” 

The end of their studies will be marked by the Commencement Day in May 2024 when they will receive their degree accredited both in the EU and the U.S. The Executive MBA at AUBG aims to leave a mark on the students even beyond their academic knowledge.  

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“After all, what is really valuable is the human capital,” said the Academic Director of Graduate Programs at AUBG Momtchil Karpouzanov. “That’s why we intend to make sure that you have a high-quality journey with us. And beyond the topics of discussion in class, what really matters is the interactions you will have. This is why we insist on your work in teams and the group projects.” 

Traditionally, the cohort consists of professionals from different spheres – Pharmaceutical, IT, Education, Manufacturing, and Diplomacy – who can contribute to each other’s knowledge and put into perspective the lessons learned for their own field of expertise.  

More and more AUBG BA alumni continue their journey at AUBG with the next academic degree at the university. “I am excited about the beginning of the program,” said Vera Krumova (BA ‘07), one of the three AUBG BA alumni in the EMBA cohort this year. To the question of whether she was more excited about her first day as a bachelor student or as an EMBA student, Vera was doubtless. “Today is definitely more exciting than yesterday.” 

AUBG Provost Dr. J.D. Mininger highlighted the meaning of a liberal arts education and wished the students to participate as much as possible while getting out of their comfort zone. “Use the opportunities that you have put yourself in the position to take on,” Mininger said. “The general ethos of the liberal arts and sciences module does absolutely breathe in what we preach in the Executive MBA. And it comes in a form of teamwork and working on all of the skills that will make you all the very good leaders that you already are. It is participatory education. If what you need is information, you probably don’t need to enroll in EMBA. It’s all out there for you, as long as you have a mobile [phone] and internet. But what we are offering is the opportunity to work together in a relational, dynamic, and open-minded environment. Information is something we can access; at the same time, we are challenged to participate in that information.“ 

Welcoming Cohort 22 was the first celebration as part of the events celebrating the 20th anniversary of the AUBG Executive MBA program.

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