Martin Petrov (EMBA ’16) on the Benefits of the EMBA

March 21, 2023 Tsvetana Haydushka
Martin Petrov (EMBA ’16) on the Benefits of the EMBA

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the AUBG Executive MBA program, we are talking to some of the alumni who were part of this journey. Martin Petrov (EMBA’16) shared what the benefits of the EMBA program at AUBG are and how it helped him develop his company.

Martin holds the position of Managing Director at Technical Components Bulgaria, a German subsidiary that operates electronics manufacturing plants in Vidin, Northwest Bulgaria, with a team of over 250 employees. Martin has a degree in Electronics and a Master’s in International Economic Relations and is also a trained biomedical engineer. He is deeply committed to renewable energy projects and actively participates in Lions Club, where he has been a long-time and highly esteemed member. Through his involvement, Martin contributes to charity, public, and social service activities. 

As a curious moment, part of his EMBA degree, Martin shared that he was highly intrigued and drawn towards the diverse range of subjects, including social entrepreneurship, business strategies and concepts, legal frameworks, but accounting and finance I found particularly enjoyable due to my aptitude for numbers. 


Given my engineering background and master’s degree in economics, I felt that my executive position demanded a deeper understanding of business management.

Pursuing an MBA seemed like the natural path for me to further develop my skills.

I was delighted to discover that AUBG offered an MBA program tailored for established executives like myself, which perfectly matched my needs and expectations. 

EMBA benefits

As an ЕMBA program participant, I found several elements particularly noteworthy.  

  • Flexible schedule

Firstly, the program’s flexibility was a major highlight for me, as the short and intensive weekend sessions were designed in a way that did not interfere with my professional schedule.  

  • High-calibre faculty

Secondly, the high-calibre faculty, consisting of top-tier experts and professionals in their respective industries, was impressive.  

  • Diverse class

The intentionally integrated groups, comprising students with diverse backgrounds and industry experiences, provided a valuable opportunity for peer learning.  

  • Practical focus

The program’s practical focus, with most topics and projects geared towards real-world challenges and practical application, was another aspect that stood out to me.  

  • Alumni network

Lastly, the alumni network was a significant benefit, providing opportunities for ongoing networking and professional development even after completion of the program. 


My most significant takeaways include the refinement and development of my soft skills, as well as a thorough understanding of how the various business processes work together as a cohesive whole. 

EMBA Impact 

During my Executive MBA program, I acquired valuable knowledge and skills in management, leadership, strategy, and decision-making. This was particularly beneficial as it coincided with a period of significant growth in production, operations, and revenues for my company, Technical Components Bulgaria.  

The newfound expertise gained from my EMBA played a crucial role in helping TCB leap forward and achieve this impressive progress.

The EMBA program unquestionably had a positive impact on my personal growth and development by expanding my perspective on a range of issues spanning business, societal, political, and ethical domains. 

Piece of advice

To those who are still contemplating pursuing an EMBA, I offer only one piece of advice: Don’t hesitate, and go for it. From personal experience, I can attest that it was one of the most valuable investments I have ever made. 

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