Exploring the AUBG Executive MBA Program: Open House 2023

October 12, 2023 Tsvetana Haydushka
Exploring the AUBG Executive MBA Program: Open House 2023

The doors of the Elieff Center for Education and Culture in Sofia swung open on Nov. 12 for yet another AUBG Executive MBA Program Open House. Prospective students, current students, and proud alumni gathered to immerse themselves in a day of discovery and reflection over the impact of the program on careers and lives.

Setting High Standards

The event commenced with a powerful message from AUBG Provost J.D. Mininger, who set the tone for the day by emphasizing the program’s commitment to ethical responsibility, high expectations, and quality relationships. He emphasized that AUBG holds its students and professors to equally high standards, focusing not only on academic credentials but also on the care and attention they provide to every student.

“We use the word cohort a lot to talk about the incoming groups precisely because we seek to help that group as a group flourish.”

“What liberal arts means in that sense is simply – relationships. It means a place within which you can grow. That means we take the ethical responsibility of students and instructors very seriously, and so that we have high expectations for our students. We have very high expectations for the professors, as well. And that means, again, not just their credentials as experts, but it means the care and attention that they give to all of the students in the classroom. They’re both on equal weight, I would say, in terms of what we expect. So yeah, quality relationships, those are the things that really do the most important about the program.”

Provost Mininger pointed out that what distinguishes AUBG is the time, attention, and care that goes into nurturing students’ growth.

Transformative Excellence

Prof. Momtchil Karpouzanov, the Academic Director of Graduate Programs at AUBG, shed light on the transformative nature of the Executive MBA program. The goal is not just to impart knowledge but to instill a deep sense of trust and confidence in the participants.

“It’s a general purpose program in this administration, yet it is the way we discuss those functions, the level, the scope of the discussion, which will be actually transfer of of trust.”

“If you want to know that the logical and moral but but it is a transformative program it will literally and it is designed to do so transform the way you see things. If you quickly go over the curriculum, those are basic business functions we cover and that is what it is meant to be.”

The Importance of Partnerships

Todor Petkov (EMBA ’20), General Manager at KBC Global Services,, shared a heartfelt anecdote that emphasized the intensity of the program and the profound impact it has not only on the students but also on their personal lives. He recalled that during their graduation, many students expressed their gratitude to their partners, spouses, and loved ones who supported them throughout the program. He highlighted the sacrifice required and how, for many, it’s not just the individual but their whole support system that undergoes a transformation.

The Like-Minded Group

Lili Yordanova (EMBA ’21), Service Delivery Director at Sutherland, spoke about the incredible network that emerges from the AUBG EMBA experience. She underscored the value of connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and the enduring relationships formed throughout the program. These connections extend beyond the classroom, enriching participants’ lives well after graduation.

“The level of the people that you’re going to meet there is amazing. And that’s one of probably the biggest treasures that you’re going to get after the the whole process. With the people that you connected with and alongside all the events that are happening outside of your courses.”

The 2023 AUBG Executive MBA Open House was a day of enlightenment, filled with valuable insights from the program’s leadership and alumni. It affirmed the program’s commitment to fostering not only professional growth but also the personal and ethical development of its participants. The event showcased the unique blend of academic rigor, transformative experiences, and nurturing relationships that define the AUBG Executive MBA Program. For those seeking to embark on a life-changing educational journey, AUBG’s EMBA program stands as a beacon of promise, ready to shape careers and futures.

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