Viktor Getov (EMBA ’22) on the AUBG EMBA Network

May 11, 2023
Viktor Getov (EMBA ’22) on the AUBG EMBA Network

Viktor Getov (EMBA ’22) is a General Manager of Kings’ Valley Medical & Spa Hotel. Before this position Viktor had more than 10 years of accumulated professional experience in the field of hospitality in Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Bulgaria. In May 2023, he was awarded “Hotelier of the Year 2022/2023 in Bulgaria”. 

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the AUBG Executive MBA program, we are talking to some of the alumni who were part of this journey. 


I have decided to enroll in the AUBG EMBA program because of its recognition on a national and international level, the proven quality of the courses, the diversity of the professors and generally because of the alumni network opportunities afterward. As a working professional the weekend lectures were suitable for my busy schedule too.

EMBA highlights

The amazing set of professors who took us out of our daily routines and enhanced the way we see the organizations we are part of. I enjoyed the case studies and real-life examples too, which were well chosen for every topic. [My most enjoyable classes were with] Prof. McGuire, who is the biggest asset to the program, and the Leadership course with Prof. Jezycki. She is absolutely brilliant!


I must admit that my professional network has expanded significantly due to the connections I made during the program and at several events organized by the AUBG teams.

AUBG impact

Despite the intensity and workload of the courses, I must admit that the program is well-balanced throughout the 4 semesters. I am extremely pleased with the opportunity to have almost all the courses at the weekends.

Piece of advice

The best higher education opportunity in Bulgaria. Be prepared, focused, and make the most of every interaction with the professors and your colleagues.

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