Mariya Bozhilova (EMBA ’16) on Preparing to Pursue EMBA

August 23, 2023 Tsvetana Haydushka
Mariya Bozhilova (EMBA ’16) on Preparing to Pursue EMBA

Mariya Bozhilova (EMBA ’16) is a seasoned business development professional with 18 years of expertise in Telecom and IT. Mariya currently leads her own consulting firm, further enhancing her proficiency in Digital transformation across diverse sectors.

Prior to her current role, Mariya held the position of Commercial Lead for the development of the TV project at Yettel Bulgaria (Yettel TV). With a proven track record of accomplishments in various leadership roles, including Sales Director at Lirex, and Sales and Marketing director at NET1 and ITD Network.

Mariya is passionate about innovations and remains dedicated in her commitment to driving positive change.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the AUBG Executive MBA program, we are talking to some of the alumni who were part of this journey. Mariya shared with us more about her journey at the AUBG Executive MBA program. 


My decision to enroll in the AUBG EMBA program can be seen as both a spontaneous choice made on the final day of enrollment for Cohort 14, and a result of long-term planning, research, seeking recommendations, interacting with AUBG alumni, and ultimately fulfilling my desire.

At that moment, I found myself at a career juncture where I needed a broader perspective and an external view to assess myself through other professionals like my professors and fellow students in the program. This experience proved invaluable.

EMBA Highlights

Several projects undertaken during the program provided me with valuable experiences, as I ended up incorporating elements of these projects into my future endeavors. Our business trip to London included valuable meetings and contacts with numerous corporate managers from companies like Thomson Reuters, Barclays, European Investment Bank, and others.

I shouldn’t overlook mentioning the ongoing formal and informal events within the EMBA program, which continues to this day.


Even now, seven years after completing the program, I maintain the same perspective: the most valuable assets I gained from the 16-months program were the professionals I engaged with – professors, colleagues, and alumni.

However, what distinguishes the AUBG EMBA program is its practical approach to studying theory – through active participation in diverse projects spanning all subjects.

In today’s digital world, the access to top-notch courses from prestigious universities and exceptional lecturers is easily available. However, what distinguishes the AUBG EMBA program is its practical approach to studying theory – through active participation in diverse projects spanning all subjects. This, in my view, provides a significant advantage of the program

Favorite class

With all due respect and gratitude to each professor in the program, I must specifically highlight the subject taught by Professor Yusaf Akbar – Business and Society. Even to this day, I find the discussions we had on topics such as Social Responsibility, Disruptive Strategies, Innovations, and the Future of Life extremely valuable.

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Commencement EMBA 2016

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London trip with the EMBA cohort

AUBG Impact

The broadened business perspective I gained during the EMBA program provided me with the  necessary confidence and knowledge. A year after completing the EMBA program, I transitioned from the Telecom sector to IT and initiated my own entrepreneurial venture in the HealthTech domain (SaaS). Despite not achieving success, this startup endeavor granted me invaluable insights. Three years later, I established my own consulting firm, an undertaking I continue developing.

I must emphasize the enduring friendships within Cohort 14, we continue to meet, enjoy each other’s company, support, and share successes and failures.

Piece of advice

True success often lies beyond our comfort zone. The EMBA program is designed to challenge you in precisely this way, making it valuable.

Prepare to be astonished by your untapped potential and what you can achieve.

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