Sports and Athletics

We love our sports here! What’s best - we've got the facilities and equipment to match the passion. 

AUBG students are lucky enough to have one of the best university gymnasiums in Europe. This outstanding venue, housed in the award-winning ABF building, is fully equipped for a variety of sports - football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, tennis and handball, and is open for students to train individually or in groups. It’s made even more unique by the one-of-a-kind running track which circles around the gym on the second floor. The hall is so great, it is occasionally rented by professional athletes such as the Bulgarian Male National Volleyball team. 

A workout gym, situated on the basement floor of ABF Student Center offers a variety of cardio equipment, training machines and free weights to those who love to stay in shape.

In true American university style, we also play American football and baseball. Nearby is a swimming pool and tennis courts, while the ski resorts of Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets are within a few hours’ drive. Yoga, tae kwon do, softball, karate, skiing, hiking, aerobics, boxing and kickboxing are among the sports practiced by AUBGers. For some of these we even have student clubs and intramural teams. 

A popular fixture on the sports calendar is the AUBG Olympics. Held once a year in the Spring, this fabulous event gives students the chance to challenge in a variety of disciplines, demonstrate their athleticism, but most of all, as with most things on campus, have loads of fun.

Within the residential dorms you can find ping pong tables, aerobic rooms and a competitive spirit!

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