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Academic Advising Center

AUBG helps you thrive on every step of your academic life


  • Make sure to approach the Advising Center if you are looking for help in any of the following spheres:

    • Selection of appropriate courses and other educational experiences
    • Interpretation of the institution’s policies and procedures
    • Development of a suitable educational plan
    • Clarification of career and life goals
    • Awareness of all support services available on campus
    • Evaluation of students' progress towards their degrees
    • Learning support services such as tutoring, learning style tests, and study skills workshops
    • Self-assessment of career and personal interests and personal qualifications
  • Maia acquired her master’s degree in 2003 at the University of the Pacific (UOP) in California, U.S.A. and her bachelor’s degree in 1989 at the Agricultural University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

    She has about 20 years of experience in the Student Affairs departments in AUBG and in U.S. universities.

    Maia holds a professional membership with NACADA- the Global Community for Academic Advising - headquartered in Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, USA.
    You can schedule an appointment online or visit the office in ABF – room 6203.

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You are welcome to my office every work day at the ABF center or contact me by mail.

Maia Parmakova, Advising Center Coordinator

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Academic Advising Team

Our goal is to help you thrive academically. That's why our special teams help you every step of the way.



Maia Parmakova team members

Maia Parmakova

Visiting & Exchange Students; Undeclared major

Robert White team members

Robert White

Transfer Students

Mariya Handzhiyska team members

Mariya Handzhiyska

Erasmus Students

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Daniel Adsett team members

Daniel Adsett

Jeffrey Nilsen team members

Jeffrey Nilsen

Krastanka Bozhinova team members

Krastanka Bozhinova

William Clark team members

William Clark

Timothy Cleary team members

Timothy Cleary

Petar Dalakov team members

Petar Dalakov

Felix Diaz team members

Felix Diaz

Vladimir Georgiev team members

Vladimir Georgiev

Advisors by Major
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Advisors by Major

Marenglen Berisha team members

Marenglen Berisha

Business and Entrepreneurship

Vladimir Georgiev team members

Vladimir Georgiev

John Galletly team members

John Galletly

Computer Science and Information Systems

Tamara Todorova team members

Tamara Todorova


Jean Crombois team members

Jean Crombois

European studies

Rositsa Gradeva team members

Rositsa Gradeva


Jason Murphy team members

Jason Murphy

Laura Kelly team members

Laura Kelly

Journalism and Mass Communication

Student Advisors
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Student Advisors

Student advisors 2022-23

Mohamed Ben Yahia team members

Mohamed Ben Yahia

INF and MAT majors

Maria Hristova team members

Maria Hristova

Student Advisor & Subject Tutor

Subject Tutors
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Subject Tutors

Subject Tutors Team

Boris Slavchev team members

Boris Slavchev


Alesia Musabelliu team members

Alesia Musabelliu

Management Information Systems

Yana Ivanova team members

Yana Ivanova

French Language

Maha Afif team members

Maha Afif

Spanish Language

Margareth Kordeva team members

Margareth Kordeva

German Language

Christian Tenchev team members

Christian Tenchev

Management Information Systems

Maria Hristova team members

Maria Hristova

Student Advisor & Subject Tutor

Greta Filipova team members

Greta Filipova

Bulgarian Language