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AUBG Student clubs
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Student clubs

Take a look at the list of our student clubs and see which ones suit your personality and passions.

    • President: Nikolay Ganev
    • Vice President: Lyubomir Yanchev
    • Treasurer: Desislava Ivanova
    • Advisor: Prof. Elena Radeva & Prof. Momtchil Karpouzanov
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    Associates Consulting Club’s main purpose is to consult companies on real-life business cases in the fields of marketing, sales, product development, etc. Its practicality enables its members to experience what it is like working in a professional setting, communicating and proposing ideas to business managers on a weekly basis and preparing detailed consulting reports backed up by an in-depth market analysis, data gathering, and discussions. During the process, ACC’s members acquire skills, which make them better candidates for job applications post-graduation while enriching their experience and networking connections in the business world. Complementary to the work that the club does for these companies, the club organizes workshops that provide another opportunity for students to improve their business knowledge. So far, Associates Consulting Club has completed 10 business cases successfully, and has also organized 2 consulting competitions, which allow other AUBG students to experience the business consulting world. The club is divided into 4 departments - Social Media & Marketing, Sales & PR, Events, and Human Resources

    • President: Håvard Tonning
    • Vice Presidents: Briselda Kumanaku
    • Treasurer: Natalia Ymeraj
    • Advisor: Prof. Todor Popov
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    The AUBG Astronomy Club joins a group of enthusiastic students who share their passion for space. The club's primary goal is to cultivate a sense of awe and grow curiosity about the night sky. We aim to become an outlet for students to escape the stress and responsibility of university life by organizing stargazing nights, workshops, lectures, discussions, and hands-on sessions, allowing students to delve into the breathtaking beauty of the cosmos, all while in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Whether you are experienced in astronomy, or just want to learn more about space, we welcome you to join the club.

    • President: Margaret Yusein
    • Vice Presidents: Valentina Stoimenova and Presiana Kuzmanova
    • Treasurer: Nikol-Valeri Dimitrova
    • Club Advisor: Prof. Evelina Van Mensel
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    Better Community Club (BCC) is a union of students, aiming to create a community of equality, tolerance and personal integrity. We strive to create a better world and inspire more people to be better and care for those in need. Our initiatives are mainly oriented in social entrepreneurship, charity and donations, contributing to the community and bringing people together regardless of their differences. Leaving a positive impact on the community and the world lies at the heart of our club. BCC welcomes students from all majors and standings who are passionate about building a better and more caring society.

    • President: Andrea Malinova
    • Vice Presidents: Maria Zapryanova and Asen Dzhalev
    • Club Advisor: Yasen Nedelchev
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    Blagoevgrad Griffins is an officially registered American Football team formed in 2003 by students of the American University in Bulgaria. Based in Blagoevgrad, Griffins are part of the Bulgarian Federation of American Football. Griffins have won several awards in the Championship series against its counterparts such as Sofia Bears, Sofia Knights and others. Among our other achievements are organizing the first National American Football Tournament in Bulgaria and victories in the annual Griffin Bowl. Since 2021, the club has organized on-campus events that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and has supported charitable organizations. The main goal of Griffins is to provide a space where sports-loving young people can come together for physical activity as well as to build enduring relationships, advance their personal development, and positively impact the university community.

    • Producer: Boris-Mihail Hadjimalakov
    • Assistant Producer: Yanita Hristova
    • Director: Temenuga Georgieva
    • Club Advisor: Prof. Nedyalko Delchev
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    The Broadway Performance Club is a student club that strives to bring the magic of the New York Broadway Stage to the AUBG community and to audiences all around Bulgaria. The club was created in 2007 and is run entirely by current students coming from multiple nationalities and united by their love of musical magic. Our goal is to bring the Bulgarian audience to the world of Broadway by recreating famous productions. For the past 15 years we have brought to life more than thirteen musical productions to more than 50,000 audience members in multiple Bulgarian cities, and even Serbia, and our performances have been covered by many well-known media outlets. Our main event is the Musical - we work on it for the whole academic year and have a premiere and a tour in April. We also have smaller events throughout the year to spark interest in everything creative.

    • President: Vasilena Kostova
    • Vice Presidents: Yana Todorova and Gabriela Petrova
    • Treasurer: Galina Velkova
    • Club Advisor: Prof. Senem Konedareva
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    BFDC “Samodiva” is a Bulgarian folk dance club. The purpose of our club is to spark the love towards the Bulgarian dances, culture, and traditions not only of the Bulgarians, but also of all international students. Our mission is to preserve the Bulgarian traditions in the intercultural community and to give the opportunity to both Bulgarian and foreign students to explore our rich past and our cultural treasures. Our goal is to create and perform a play at the end of the school year, which we will present in front of the AUBG community. Annually, we take part in different events such as charity bazaars and initiatives organized by the university, the Active Bulgarian Society, or other organizations. We are glad to have a diverse community in our club: students from every nationality are more than welcome to join us and create unforgettable memories and friendships. We speak in English but since we want each member to feel and experience the Bulgarian spirit, we will encourage our members to practice their Bulgarian language skills while supporting them. Like every other club, we also have different departments: logistics, marketing, and creative. It is not mandatory to have previous experience of folk dancing. We would appreciate people with previous knowledge of such dances, but we are open to meeting even students who have never danced before. We will show them the basic steps and will help them become more experienced dancers. We gather two times every week for two hours and learn new hora, choreographies, and dances. The biggest event of our club is the play that is performed at the end of every school year. The play is based on a traditional Bulgarian tale or a traditional Bulgarian custom. We take the main idea of a tale or a custom and add our own twist. The play consists of a mixture of dances and roles. BFDC “Samodiva” is proud of our unique and magnificent logo, which reveals the spirit of our club. Since 2015, our club has performed various plays.

    • President: Yulvie Nuri
    • Vice Presidents: Emil Mandadjiev and Rumen Kamburov
    • Treasurer: An-Mari Georgieva
    • Club Advisor: Prof. Rossen Petkov
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    AUBG Business Club is an organization run by highly motivated students who strive to bring value to the AUBG community. We stand for creativity, innovation, excellence. We aspire to expand student’s know-how in the fields of management, marketing, investment, economics, human resources, and finance. We seek to offer students these conveniences to be academically and professionally fulfilled and ready to face the market. AUBG Business club is a platform where young, energetic, like-minded people can meet and network. You can create prospective partnerships by working closely with some well-known professionals who work for influencing companies in the region. Being part of this team motivates one to stretch out his limits and strive for perfection. The opportunity to work on challenging projects in a professional, yet friendly environment gives you the chance to be well-prepared for the job market that you would enter after your studies.

    • Presidents: Bianca Deyanova
    • Editor-in-Chief: Stanislava Pashkulova
    • Producer: Anusher Mahmadjonov
    • Treasurer: Janina Ormanova
    • Club Advisor: Prof. Laura Kelly
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    AUBG Daily is the organization behind the university newspaper, which is the only independent media on campus. It is led entirely by students devoted to the cause of independent journalism and freedom of speech. AUBG Daily strives to inspire the entirety of the student body to express themselves freely and voice their opinions. As an organization, we work towards fostering an enlightened community of people, while seizing every opportunity to tell stories. Every semester we release a printed copy of our newspaper, while continuing to regularly publish articles on our website. As of last year, AUBG Daily also hosts its own Formula 1 podcast – F1 Masters – available on YouTube and Spotify. Along with that, AUBG Daily creates collaborations in the forms of exhibitions, workshops, and media conferences with renowned individuals in the field of journalism and beyond.

    • President: Presian Kuzmanov
    • Vice President: Anton Perederii
    • Head Coach: Dimitar Vitliyanov
    • Treasurer: Anton Perederii
    • Club Advisor: Prof. Ilya Levine
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    Led by students with extensive experience in competitive debating (including past members of the Bulgarian National Debate Team) The AUBG Debate Club unites all students who are passionate to develop their reasoning, argumentation, and public speaking skills!

    The club is mainly devoted to training students in debating so that they can represent the university in national and international championships and compete against representatives of some of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the world such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, etc. In addition, the club aims at spreading the debating spirit on campus by organizing educational workshops on debate-related topics and competitions that would gather debaters from close and far!

    We offer two types of membership – Regular (includes debating and training) and department membership (supporters of the clubs mission).

    • President: Mariya Haydushka
    • Show Directors: Yoana Zasheva and Aiman Dzhumanazarova
    • Treasurer: Velina Parashkevova
    • Head of Marketing: Alex Galabova
    • Head of Sponsorship: Vladi Kalauzka
    • Faculty Advisor: Prof. Nedyalko Delchev
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    AUBG Dance Crew is a student club that aims at gathering people with similar artistic interests in the art of dance. The club has several departments which are operating together to produce a great dance show: Dancers Department (show directors, choreographers, and dancers), Marketing Department (video and photo production, designs for social media, design for marketing materials such as posters, banners, and stickers) and Sponsorship Department. All the members contribute to the club with their ideas regarding different dance styles and marketing strategies. Although the word ‘dance’ is in the name of the club, the members do not have to be dancers, in order to be part of it. AUBG Dance Crew performs at AUBG events such as club events or other student organized events, but also organizes its own smaller workshops throughout the whole academic year. The biggest event that AUBG Dance Crew organizes is its Grand Show in the spring semester, showing a variety of dance styles, visual effects and performances depending on the theme of the show. The club values collaborations with other AUBG clubs and dance groups in Bulgaria, in that way, AUBG Dance Crew promotes AUBG both in Blagoevgrad and in the whole country.

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Student Organizations

  • The Student Government shall be entrusted by the student body with the responsibility to guarantee the protection of student rights, as well as promote a spirit of tolerance, diversity and unity. In doing so it will articulate, voice and defend legitimate student concerns and interests in front of other authorities of the university as well as promote an institutional framework for the benefit of the students.

    The All-Student Assembly is the governing body of the AUBGSG. Everyone can attend the meeting of the All-Student Assembly, but only full-time students are eligible to vote. It meets regularly once every year, in the first month of the new academic year with a quorum of 20% of the student body in order to have decision-making power. At its regular meeting the All-Student Assembly approves the overall budget of the Student Government, the guidelines for the permanent committees of the Student Government, and the goals of the organization for the going year.

  • The purpose of Phi Beta Delta Epsilon Alpha Chapter shall be to recognize and encourage achievements in the areas of international education and exchange. The Epsilon Alpha Chapter, hosted by the American University in Bulgaria, was established in 2000.

    The International Week at AUBG is an annual event organized by the Phi Beta Delta Epsilon Alpha Chapter that aims to showcase in just one week the diversity of cultures on campus starting from traditions, through music and ending with a loved-by-everyone taste fest.

    • President: Boyana Nikolova
    • Advisor: Prof. William Clark
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    Logos is for those who desire to gather with other Christians for Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and discussion. It is also for anyone interested in learning more about the Christian faith. We are a group of friends who meet to discuss topics beyond the surface level. It is a place where you can ask questions, form convictions with substance, and develop spiritually. The club is open to all members of the AUBG community regardless of faith-tradition or lack of faith. We strive to be an accepting community welcoming to those with diverse worldviews and backgrounds. The club meets regularly throughout the semester. (Note: The word “Logos” - is an ancient Greek concept from the world of philosophy and theology referring to the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning

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Sport facilities

  • This outstanding venue, housed in the award-winning ABF Student Center, is fully equipped for a variety of sports - football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and handball. It is open for students to train individually or in groups. And above it all, an elevated running track allows you to stay active even when the weather doesn't allow it.

    • The on-campus fitness center is located in the basement of the ABF Student Center. It offers a variety of cardio equipment, training machines and free weights to those who love to stay in shape.
    • The recently renovated Skapto I Gym is available to all students who want to practice boxing, yoga and to the ones who have joined the AUBG performing clubs.
    • The Skapto II Gym is perfect for those who are interested in zumba, pilates, and other cardio-intensive workouts.
  • The soccer field is welcoming to all soccer enthusiasts. Located right behind ABF Student Center, it hosts the AUBG Soccer League.

    • AUBG has two hard-court tennis courts available for students who want to enjoy the outdoors.
    • Apart from the indoor option to play volleyball in the Sportshall, teams can also take advantage of the nice weather and book the outdoor volleyball court.
    • Just like the volleyball court, the outdoor basketball court welcomes students to shoot hoops after classes.
  • AUBG students can receive discounts at different sports facilities around Blagoevgrad such as the Olympic-size swimming pool "Pirin".

  • Blagoevgrad is surrounded by mountains that offer 85 kilometers of snowy slopes open to ski and snowboarding lovers.

    • Bodrost Ski Resort
    • Bansko Ski Resort
    • Samokov Ski Resort