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Residence Life at AUBG

Quick Guide for Living on the AUBG campus

AUBG Residence Halls

Living on campus is a big part of the Liberal arts education experience. Since our students come from over 40 countries, living in the AUBG halls, feels like being part of a mini-map of the world!

Skaptopara I, II, and III, also known as the three Skaptos, are the first purpose-built residence halls in Bulgaria. In this safe environment, lifelong friendships are born and minds are opened amid diversity and mutual respect.

Skaptopara I
Skaptopara I Image

Skaptopara I

Resident assistants Skapto I

Amelia Delevski team members

Amelia Delevski

Blagovesta Skerleva team members

Blagovesta Skerleva

Boryana Simeonova team members

Boryana Simeonova

Brigita Andonova team members

Brigita Andonova

Daniela Georgieva team members

Daniela Georgieva

David Mitov team members

David Mitov

Klara Mitevska team members

Klara Mitevska

Lyubomir Yanchev team members

Lyubomir Yanchev

Skaptopara II
Skaptopara II Image

Skaptopara II

Resident assistants Skapto II

Adina Kabidenova team members

Adina Kabidenova

Room 2233

Angelina Kuznetsova team members

Angelina Kuznetsova

Room 2432

Emil Hayrumyan team members

Emil Hayrumyan

Room 2521

Hana Egikyan team members

Hana Egikyan

Room 2247

Kristina Koburova team members

Kristina Koburova

Room 2307

Mikayel Navasardyan team members

Mikayel Navasardyan

Room 2107

Nadya Mladenova team members

Nadya Mladenova

Room 2407

Nikolay Pavlov team members

Nikolay Pavlov

Room 2330

Skaptopara III
Skaptopara III Image

Skaptopara III

Resident assistants Skapto III

Iren Dimitrova team members

Iren Dimitrova

Room 3402

Lisart Mella team members

Lisart Mella

Room 3601

Lachezar Hristov team members

Lachezar Hristov

Nurmukhammed Tashbolotov team members

Nurmukhammed Tashbolotov

Diana Evtimova team members

Diana Evtimova

Residence Life Office

Residence Life Office

Office team

Ilko Drenkov team members

Ilko Drenkov

Residence Life Director

Radoslava Kirova team members

Radoslava Kirova

Administrative Assistant

Ivan Amov team members

Ivan Amov

Residence Hall Director (Skaptopara I)

Sava Stoyanov team members

Sava Stoyanov

Residence Hall Director (Skaptopara II)

Iliyan Stamatov team members

Iliyan Stamatov

Residence Hall Director (Skaptopara III)

Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

  • Our Resident Assistants offer various activities to help you grow.

    • Social interaction
    • Emotional development
    • Physical wellness
    • Spiritual exploration
    • Vocational development
    • Intellectual exploration
Living off-campus

Living off-campus

    • Students who live locally with their families.
    • Senior, part-time, and married students - only after approval.
    • Students who have documented medical reasons - only after approval.
    • Students with more than 3 violations of Residence Life policies and students who were previously banned from university housing, are not eligible live on campus.
Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants

The RA is your go-to Skapto person

AUBG Room Selection Image

AUBG Room Selection

This is a voluntary questionnaire that can help students be matched with a roommate that has similar preferences.

Fill out the questionnaire