Literature (Secondary major)

Delight and onstruct: Sharpen your skills and feed your soul with literature

Expand your horizons and expierience the world’s greatest cultural and artistic works while pursuing a university degree. From Louis Armstrong to Michelangelo to Shakespeare to Goethe, Cervantes, Molière, and Botev, you will be exposed to the finest achievements of humanity’s creative geniuses.

The Literature Major is a rigorous, critical, academic program that pairs close textual analysis and theoretical perspectives. Students who major in Literature will engage with a wide variety of texts in order to develop skills in close reading and textual analysis.  They will also develop an understanding of literary history, genre conventions  and modern practices in literary theory and research.

Literature majors will learn to develop, support, and articulate complex arguments about texts and to present those arguments and insights in a well-crafted, articulate, and responsive manner.  The Literature Major also promotes the development of a sense of literary, cultural and social history across multiple nations, ethnicities and eras.

Literature majors will thus be well-prepared for careers in such areas as writing, publishing, public relations, library sciences and teaching; for graduate programs in the liberal arts; and for professional programs leading to the study of law.

* Secondary majors are those that are accredited in the United States and result in an American diploma only.

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