European Studies

Understand the European Union and make an impact

Whether a manager, a financial analyst, a political scientist, an economist, or a lawyer, whether you live in Europe or outside it, you will function in an environment where the norms, rules, and laws of the European Union (EU) impact policies, regulate transactions, and consolidate individuals’ rights.

While many talk about the EU, few have control over a field that is in perpetual movement, changing and adjusting to internal and external challenges. The major in European Studies aims to make you more competitive on the job market by providing pragmatically grounded knowledge, transferable skills and solid conceptual foundations. Through the variety of its course offerings, the European Studies Major also aims to introduce you to the atmosphere and spirit of Europe.

Over the years, alumni have gone on to graduate and postgraduate studies, joined the ranks of young trainees in the EU institutions in Brussels, become full-time EU technocrats, entered governmental structures and NGOs, or become journalists covering EU affairs either in Brussels or in their respective countries. These alumni have appreciated the quality of education this major provides, preparing them for further academic studies and/or job demands.

Graduates of the European Studies program have completed graduate and postgraduate programs in European Politics and related fields at prestigious universities such as Cambridge University, the College of Europe, the London School of Economics and Political Science, King’s College, Oxford University, Sciences Politiques (Paris) and Stanford University. The major also offers the opportunity of a one semester Erasmus exchange to European universities such as Bordeaux, Grenoble, Jaggelonian (Poland), Leiden (Netherlands), Limerick (Ireland) and Pecs (Hungary).

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