Mile Grncarov (’19): ‘The AUBG professors have taught me skills essential to career growth’

July 30, 2021 Tamar Chanidze
Mile Grncarov (’19): ‘The AUBG professors have taught me skills essential to career growth’

Mile Grncarov is an alumnus from North Macedonia who graduated from AUBG in 2019. He majored in Business Administration and Political Science and International Relations. After graduation, Mile became an intern at Mercedes Benz io in Berlin and has since climbed the ranks to Growth Manager at the company. He also recently co-published a research paper on influencer marketing. Read our interview with Mile to learn more about his current occupation and how studying at AUBG has helped him achieve success in his career field.

Why did you decide to study at AUBG? What majors did you pursue and why?

My decision to study at AUBG was based on the criteria I had for what my ideal university looked like. I knew that I wanted to study at a liberal arts university, and I had been reviewing several options. In the end, I chose AUBG because it offered the majors I wanted to pursue such as Business Administration and Political Science and International Relations. Apart from that, I had a conversation with alumni from AUBG who reassured me of my choice.

What extracurricular activities (clubs, work at AUBG offices, Exchanges, etc.) have you been involved with at AUBG?

In my four years at the university, I got the chance to be a part of different student clubs and organizations. The first was Student Government, where I was able to see how much students get to influence the programs and cultural life at AUBG. Later on, I joined the European Society Club, which organized the Model European Union at AUBG. I became a Vice-President of this club in my senior year. These were all challenging and exciting learning opportunities, and had I known that in my freshman year I would have taken on even more.

What has your life looked like after graduating from AUBG – where have you studied and worked? What is your current occupation?

Shortly before graduation, I spent some time looking for the right working position. Eventually, I landed a job as an intern in Berlin, at the company where I have worked for the past two years. I currently work as a Growth Manager at Mercedes-Benz io, focusing on digital products and aftersales topics.

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of being a Growth Manager at

The most challenging aspect of my role as a Growth Manager is the constant changes we have experienced since the start of the pandemic. Creating products for consumers when their environment and rules are constantly changing has impacted not only how we work now, but how we see the future, and how we put in the work to be even more prepared for anything that may come. On the other hand, the most rewarding part of my job is being able to analyze consumer feedback and come up with solutions that best fit people. Identifying problems and finding solutions successfully is a big plus.

What inspired you to write a research paper that focuses on the impact and effectiveness of influencer marketing?

The research paper I worked on focuses on influencer marketing, which I see as one of the largest changes in the field of marketing. In some categories like sports, beauty, and travel, you can no longer imagine companies thriving without the support of influencers who give direct-to-consumer channels and can help you collect even more feedback than before. This paper was actually the basis of my Senior Project at AUBG, which was further expanded with the support of my mentor.

What kind of impact has AUBG had on your professional growth? Which are the essential skills you gained at AUBG that helped you succeed in your career field?

AUBG is an important reason why I have been able to make decisions that I am proud of until now. More so, the skills that AUBG professors have provided me with have been essential to successfully seeking career growth opportunities, communicating with other professionals, and building a network. I most value the open-mindedness, curiosity, and grit that are instilled in us throughout our studies, which once we leave the AUBG bubble are valued by colleagues, universities, and companies alike.