List of Clubs and Activities

Student Clubs recognized by the Student Government for 2013-2014 academic year:

AUBG Dance Club

President: Daria Kuznetsova
Vice-presidents: Baurzhan Bolatov

The AUBG Dance Crew is an organization that aims at gathering people with a certain amount of experience and interest in the following activities: hip-hop, R’n’B, dubstep and contemporary dancing. Members have the opportunity to contribute with music selection, dance suggestions, and decision making within the club. The finished dances are to be performed in from of an audience in clubs, at AUBG events, and AUBG sports games. The club organizes competitions, dance concerts, and other events closely related to its main activities.

AUBG Political Science Club

President: Adrijan Delale
Secretary-General: Anya Golub
Deputies: Yoana Savova and Ivan Gabrovski
Treasurer: Nataliya Micheva

AUBG Political Science Club is a politically neutral and voluntarily operated non-profit organization that aims at complementing and facilitating the education process of the university, as well as upholding the impeccable image of the Faculty of Politics and European Studies of AUBG. The Club works in close conjunction with and is an affiliate of the highly esteemed Sofia University Student`s Club of Political Science. It realizes its activities through cooperation with local, national and international authorities and institution, non-profit and non-governmental organization, the Student Government of AUBG and all officially registered and recognized AUBG student clubs. It achieves its goals by initiating and organizing various types of educational seminars, conferences, forums, symposia, political simulations, projects, consultations and conducting meetings and lectures with Bulgarian and foreign political science analysts, politicians, diplomats, prominent social figures and others, related in any way to the field of political science and international relations.

Club Francophone

President: Viktoriya Antonova
Vice-President: Abdugani Baidildayer

Secretary: Kalina Kurtova The club provides its members with a relaxed environment in which to practice speaking French and with an opportunity to participate in cultural events. The club also promotes understanding, study and appreciation of the French language and francophone culture.

AUBG American Football Club Griffins

President: Pavel Guranda
Vice-presidents: Dragomir Lozarov
PR and Marketing: Boyan Petkov
Treasurer: Ivailo Yanev

The American Football Club is a non-profit organization that promotes the enhancement of its members by providing them with the ability to play and exercise the sport of American Football. This activity is supposed to be stress-releasing and fun for all AUBG students. AFC “Griffins” participates in a series of games organized by Bulgarian Association of American Football. The club is open to all AUBG students, faculty, and staff members that have general interest in this field. They have to just notify the president on their willingness to become a member of the club and email the president of the club. Unless they are in violation with AUBG regulations, these applicants automatically become members of the AFC “Griffins”.

AUBG Daily

President: Radina Roussev
Treasurer: Elena Georgieva

AUBG Daily is the first daily media in AUBG. Entirely run by undergraduates. It has been running for more than a year and it is already the largest, most liked and most read. Our purpose is to deliver news on a daily basis to students and raise awareness about ongoing issues and activities which are directly and indirectly related to the AUBG community.


President: Ivan Onoshko

ThePurple is a student-run News TV Show from the Producers of defactoTV. ThePurple has as aim to deliver news in an entertaining and creative manner, still keeping up with the basic journalistic principles. The content of the TV Show is independent and is only approved by the Producers team.

ThePurple has mainly preserved defactoTV’s structure, content, and mission. ThePurple is released biweekly, has a length of 10-15 minutes and presents three to four videos. Its mission is to create videos presenting AUBG’s latest news, events, and features by mixing journalistic approach with creative and entertaining looks.

However, new improvements were added to ThePurple since it activated as defactoTV. ThePurple will stage the presentation of the news and will have two anchors. DefactoTV, activated during the spring 2012 semester, defactoTV released two promo videos and one exclusive video.

The producers of defactoTV, along with the new members, creates a new team for thePurple, constituting of 23 AUBG students.

AUBG Golf and Business Club

President: Alina Ramazanova
Vice President: Ivan Gabrovski
Treasurer: Edouard Sullivan

The main purposes and goals of the AUBG Golf and Business Club are: -To introduce and popularize the game of golf in the larger AUBG community; -To provide all members with an affordable option to develop their golf skills and practice the game on regular basis; -To facilitate the interaction between students, alumni, faculty, staff and others on and off the golf course; -To set the AUBG apart from its competitors and further establish the university as the premium place to study/work/teach in the region; -To assist in the fund raising activities of the university by organizing events such as golf tournaments and the like. AUBG Golf and Business Club was established in Spring 2012. Membership is open to current AUBG students, staff, faculty and alumni. New members are admitted on rolling basis.

Better Community Club

President: Teya Veselinova

The purpose of BCC shall be a joint effort to create a community of equality, tolerance and personal integrity. We should learn to think and act beyond the boundaries of our inner convictions. We should get rid of the common misconceptions of how different we are, and start seeing the similarities that we all need: love, air, sunshine, dreams, hope, freedom and faith. We should all know who we are and that we have the potential to make a difference in the world. Our club should be a means of empowering people to take control of their lives, an approach of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds. It also has to make people be proficient enough to make rational decisions that are a determinant to their future. -The public welfare, directly proportional to our own welfare, should be our highest duty. Real life situations, volunteering and controversial issues will be our way of provoking the change in our own hearts and in the hearts of the people around us. We, the BCC members believe that, “we must become the change we want to see”(Gandhi).

AUBG Journal of Humanities “Thoth”

President: Hafiz Karimov

The journal publishes academic interviews, student and faculty papers and book review in the sphere of humanities with aim of:
1. Stimulating student research.
2. Informing the student common about the past and ongoing research of the faculty.
3. Stimulating student-faculty academic interaction.
4. Providing examples of quality academic writing.

Bon Apetit

President: Dayana Vidolova
Vice president: Mariya Boteva
Treasurer: Nikolay Nikolov
PR and Marketing: Ivan Dzhambov

The Bon Appètit Club is an independent student organization aiming at the practical knowledge of food preparing and culinary arts in general. The Bon Appètit Club will stimulate diversity at the university through promoting and learning about different national cuisines. The Bon Appètit Club provides new perspective of student involvement in extracurricular activities through cooperation with other clubs and the student body.

Radio AURA

President: Mirela Dineva

Radio AURA provides AUBG and the surrounding community with alternative high quality radio programming in different languages. It does so by providing the students of AUBG with the opportunity to participate in the operation of a real world radio station. Radio AURA has been part of the AUBG community for more than 20 years now, spanning the network of more than 200 alumni who work in related spheres of media. Governed only by students, the radio provides a unique experience not only for JMC majoring students at AUBG but also for all media enthusiasts.

AUBG Rhetoric Club

President: Natalia Cucu

Logos Club is a forum for exploring questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life in the context of faith. We are Christian in our worldview but we welcome all seekers regardless of their religious background, belief or lack of belief. We have weekly meetings, Friday for one hour, and discuss different life topics. The club organizes at least one hiking trip per semester, exploring beautiful Bulgaria and try to bond with each member.

AUBG Choir

President: Anna Yakovleva

Aubg Choir was formed in January 1993 as The Mixed Choir of American University in Bulgaria by Dr. Hristo Krotev, who has been the choir’s director ever since. For these years, Aubg Choir gathered more than 500 people. Currently, we have more than 100 members, about 80 of which are Aubg full-time students. Aubg Choir meets twice a week for rehearsals. Our purpose is to attract students’ attention on choral art and give the opportunity to develop. We also have lots of awards on international festivals and contests.

The Mooters Club

President: Atanas Mihnev
Vice President: Nekruz Mamadalizoda
Treasurer: Nikolay Nikolov

The club will prepare five AUBG students for the prestigious Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, the national round of which will take place in Sofia next spring. If the team proceeds, it will compete in the final international round in Washington D.C., where it will face students from respected law schools all over the world. The club would like to continue the already established tradition of AUBG participating in the competition; we will prepare the fourth consecutive AUBG team that will take part in Jessup Moot Court. Through the process of careful selection involving application and interviews, we will choose the most appropriate students and then couch them for the competition. Officers of the club (Nikolay Nikolov and Nekruz Mamadalizoda) participated in the last year’s round and president (Atanas Mihnev) participated both last year and the year before. We also hope to raise the student interest in Law disciplines, which are not too widespread at AUBG. Many people studying at AUBG decide to go for Master’s degree in International Law, and we believe that participating in the competition will be an important step in their preparation. We will raise the popularity of the competition for the following years as well.

AUBG Model UN Club

President: Bojan Mladenovski
Co-President: Dobrinka Denkovska

The AUBG Model UN is a club that organizes political and social debates imitating the procedures of the UN, the UE and other international organizations. The main goal of the club is establish a tradition at AUBG by organizing conferences at least once a year, in which students that are not members of the club would be able to participate. The club will also meet national and international recognition from other MUN organizations.

SAGE - Studetns Advocating Gender Equality

President: Tijana Stojanovic
Vice-President: Marat Aysin
Treasurer: Emilija Naumoska
Communications Officers: Katarina Djuknic, Ani Devdariani, Anna-Maria Ivanova 

The purpose of the club is to provide a platform for discussing topics related to gender issues (LGBT, men’s, women’s) and feminism. This will be done through round table discussions, book readings and presentations. In addition, the intention of the club is to raise awareness about these issues in the student body. This will be done through lectures, movie screenings and campaigns.

M.A.T.H. - Make Amazing Things Happen

President: Kristiyan Dimitrov

The aim of M.A.T.H. is to create and simulate a vibrant and active mathematical community at AUBG. M.A.T.H. aims to achieve its goals through the following activities: 1. Organize oral presentations based on diverse mathematical topics, software and applied projects. 2. Conduct interviews with professors and students, which will be distributed to the AUBG community in the form of a newsletter/e-zine. 3. M.A.T.H members will act as advisors for incoming mathematics students. 4. Inside AUBG mathematics competitions.

Fatbusters Club

President: Alexandr Zavalii, Sergey Zhelezko

Fatbusters club was created to help students start and maintain a healthy life. Any student that has a strong desire to change his/her lifestyle or simple lose weight has a possibility to become a Fatbuster. Our meetings will be held once a semester. At the meetings, we will find out about the aims and goals of each members and will show ways of achieving them. Each member will have an opportunity to train with an experienced Fatbuster in private sessions. Every member will get basic ideas of healthy nutrition and proper training technics.

Rock Jamming Club

President: Salih Menkulasi, Irakli Dautashvili
Vice President: Giorgi Rostomashvili
Treasurer: Petar Trifonov

A metaphysical shelter from the social constraints and burdens of academics, the place where the soul elevates above the mundane and the youthful spirits can find fulfillment – the one true house of righteous and glorified music on campus – our sweet home and sanctuary – the rock jamming club.

Broadway Performance Club

Producer and director – Yan Hristov
Assistant producer – Taisiya Merkulova
Assistant director – Angelina Markova
Vocal director – Violeta Petkova
Assistant vocal director – Anna Stoycheva
Choreographers – Darya Bavykina, Teodora Georgieva, Baky Yegengeldiyev Organizers – Lora Dineva, Martin Georgiev, Filip Stoev

The Broadway Performance Club is a student organization to the American University in Bulgaria. It was established in 2007 and has since presented Bulgaria with high quality productions resembling the “Broadway model”. The tradition of the musical started with “Chicago”, shown to the Blagoevgrad’s audience in 2008. The next production was “West Side Story” in 2009. With its third project “Hairspray” in 2010 the club made a gigantic step forward with a national tour of 7 performances in the 4 largest cities in Bulgaria – Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Varna and Sofia. In 2011, “Moulin Rouge!” not only made a bigger tour with 9 performances and the inclusion of Stara Zagora and Burgas, but added live music to the project. “Grease” in 2012 was staged at the biggest hall in Bulgaria – Hall 1 of NPC. Memphis, Tony Awards winner for 2010, still entertained Bulgaria in 2013 and the Broadway Performance Club was the very first troop with official rights to perform it outside the United States. The project for 2014 “All Shook Up” will be the 7th musical of the troop, and BPC will be first to perform it in Bulgaria!

Computer Science Student Union (CSSU)

President: Gligor Tasev
Vice-president: Mihaela Dimovska
Treasurer: Nikolay Babev
Secretary: Katalina Dimitrova
Webmaster: Ivelin Elenchev

The Computer Science Student Union is a student organization of
the Department of Computer Science at the American University in Bulgaria. The aim of the Computer Science Student Union (CSSU) is to increase communication between students of computer science and to allow them to work on projects and make presentations that build up their skills. The CSSU is responsible for organizing academic and social events for the students of the department, and providing guidance to students in matters of Computer Science and Information Systems. CSSU is also an ACM* chapter, the only one in Bulgaria. As an ACM chapter, CSSU participates in many international IT events. CSSU was awarded with two ACM awards for outstanding chapter activities (2007) and outstanding chapter website (2009).

*ACM – Association of Computer Machinery

European Society Club

 President: Nina Brkuljan

This is a young project recognized by the American University in Bulgaria which is to become a tradition of the student body called European Society Club. Several experienced students from AUBG decided to join together and make something new, challenging and inspiring. Thanks to much effort and enthusiasm this novel idea is about to be realized in April 2014. One of the main goals of this club is to organize the simulation of the decision-making procedures of the European Union. In this way students will get the opportunity to use the knowledge they acquired during their studies practically and gain some valuable professional experience. Moreover, our second goal is for the participant to have fun. Participating in this conference will create a chance for young professionals to strengthen connections, exchange ideas, encounter different cultures and languages, improve their personal skills, experience and learn about the way the European Union functions.

More Honors

Presidents: Ivan Daskalov and Victor Jubirca

More Honors is a small part of the AUBG student body that is selected to represent the funny and bright side of student life. More Honors is made by students for students, faculty, administration and friends who make More Honors what it is. MH has been entertaining the AUBG student body for almost fifteen years now. Its purpose is to represent student life in a show, while all of us, together, have a good time and laugh at our own strengths and faults.

The Academy is a bunch of crazy AUBG students with a sense of moronism, who get together in one year of hard work and lots of fun to organize the year’s show. The academy is different every year and is lead by one or two Academy presidents, who change every year as well.

Our friends are the More Honors Regalia, made of all former Academy presidents, close friends and supporters. This body has the task to ensure MH lives forever, and also to award the MH Scholarship. The latter was established in 2008 at More-Honor’s 10th anniversary Dick-Aid party, to nurture creativity among AUBG students.

Also, all former and current MH members from all years and places in the world; faculty and staff, without who the show would not exist and every student in AUBG who is willing to sit through 2-4 hours of moronic rants, sketches and clips.

AUBG Olympics

President: Ivailo Yanev
Vice Presidents: Kristina Panayotova Treasurer: Temenuzhka Panayotova

AUBG Olympics is much like the real Olympic Games, only with slightly less participants and a considerably greater deal of fun. It is a whole-day sports event, which gives AUBG-ers the opportunity to compete in some of their favorite sport disciplines like basketball, football, track and field and even tug of war. Our Olympics is held every spring and is solely organized by students at the American University of Bulgaria.
- To promote health and sports spirit
- To bring diversity to the lifestyle of its participants and give them opportunity to practice their favorite sport
- To promote the image of the AUBG

AUBG Spirit Club

President: Roman Sorocan

Aubg spirit club is an event based club. Lipdub is the main activity planned for this year. It aims to raise “Aubg spirit” and promote AUBG in the internet world. This club is intensity supported by the President, Vp Finance, Deans and admissions office.


President: Deyan Slanchev
Vice President: Mirela Dineva
Treasurer: Villy Trendafilova

We are Social