List of Clubs and Activities

Take a look at the list of our student clubs and see which ones suits your personality and passions.

AFC Griffins


AUBG Daily

AUBG Daily prides itself as the university’s leading online and print media on campus, now entering its sixth year of successful news feed. More than 15 reporters, editors, photographers, marketing and sponsorship representatives,   make the club an integral part of the AUBG community through news dissemination. Some of the fields that the our news outlet covers include Academics, Administration, Sports, Clubs, Events and Guest Lectures, Student Life, Alumni, and more. The media also features a newspaper, “The Griffin News,” which incorporates a variety of topics for stories, including opinion pieces, investigative articles, sports, culture, events coverage, travel and design articles, etc. as well as comical cartoons, including AUBG related memes and funny pictures.


AUBG Dance Crew

The purpose of AUBG Dance Crew is to gather people with a certain amount of experience interested in the following dancing activities – hip-hop, R’n’B, contemporary, jazz-funk and dubstep dances. People would have the opportunity to contribute with music selection, dance suggestions and decision making within the club. The created dance routines are to be performed in front of an audience at our main project - dance show at the end of the academic year, at AUBG events and AUBG sports games. The club will organize workshops, dance concerts and other events.

President: Veronika Shirshova


AUBG Documentary Movie Club

The AUBG Documentary Movie Club organizes the 48 Hours Documentary Challenge, weekly screenings of documentary movies, as well as interviews with directors and producers. In the Spring, the club attends the Thessaloniki Film Festival and organizes a photo documentary challenge.


AUBG Logos Club

The Logos Club provides a platform for the discussion and exploration of questions of an intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual nature. All interested individuals are welcomed.


AUBG Model United Nations 

AUBG Model United Nations club aims to unite young professionals and future leaders around the idea of mutual cooperation while finding solutions to world’s most important issues. Every year in February, the MUN club organizes a three-day conference with topics for selected committees (Security Council, Human Rights Council, and UNESCO). During the conference, delegates discuss the issue, create alliances, and debate on the possible solutions of the problem. At the end of the MUN simulation, Councils are to prepare and present their resolutions. Participation in the conference gives a valuable knowledge in the structure and functions of the United Nations, its decision-making process. It also provides the participants with experience that may be helpful for their future accomplishments. 
In 2016, the AUBG MUN club established a partnership with Rome MUN. It gives motivation for the delegates to show their best diplomatic and persuasion skills, as the best delegate of the conference gets the opportunity to represent AUBG in Rome - at the biggest Model United Nations simulation.


AUBG Olympics

AUBG Olympics organizes the only all-university sports event, which includes 15 disciplines, played in a competitive atmosphere. The all-day event has grown to attract over 800 people from AUBG, including participants and spectators, and is held at the Porter Baseball Filed, Bachinovo Park, Blagoevgrad. There are also five to six sports challenges, organized by the club throughout the school year. As one of the biggest clubs in the university and as one of the most influential and respected student organizations at the university, AUBG Olympics abides by the principles of passion, ambition and diligence.

AUBG Writer's Guild
Broadway Performance Club

The Broadway Performance Club was established in 2007 by a group of students who are passionate about musical theater. Every year, a new show is being produced at AUBG. The work starts in the beginning of the academic year and up until the premiere in early Spring. The weekly schedule includes more than 18 hours of dancing, acting and singing rehearsals. The cast consists of around 40 people from various nationalities with little or extensive experience in the performing arts. Each musical is entirely organized by students - both when it comes to the music, directing and choreographing the show, as well as finding sponsors, planning out a tour and doing promotion on various platforms.


Bulgarian Folk Dance Club "Samodiva"

"Samodiva" is a club for Bulgarian folklore dances, which teaches its members the traditional Bulgarian rhythms, and hosts a thematic event every year. Each spring semester the club recreates a piece from the Bulgarian literature in the form of an engaging performance, which combines folk dances, singing and acting. So far, they have performed "The Windmill" by Elin Pelin and "The Dragon's Wedding" by Petko Todorov. Besides their big event, they have various small performances in other on-campus events.

Business Club

The AUBG Business club is an independent student organization aiming at the practical application of courses’ studied theoretical framework in the field of business, finance, and economics. In its core, the club lays the foundations of the transition between the academic environment at AUBG and the real world of business. Through a diversified portfolio of activities, the club will function as an information resource center and practical guide for students interested in business and economics. The AUBG Business club will always be open towards innovative ideas, therefore giving the chance to any other clubs or student organizations to join, under the common constitution and centralized structure, though still allowed to keep their own identity and internal independence. The Business Club at AUBG is devoted to bringing the highest quality of speakers and the greatest value to our student body.


Economics Club

The Economics Club at American University in Bulgaria aims to provide a community for all students at AUBG interested in economics. The membership of Econ Club holds regular meetings to discuss topics in economics and organizes several events throughout the year, both for members and for the general public.


The purpose of ESN AUBG is to integrate the incoming exchange students as much as possible and help them get the best out of their AUBG experience. One of the main activities of the club is the Buddy system – every incoming student will be assigned a domestic student (mentors) who will always be there to help if needed. Other important activities of the club are organizing trips in and outside of Bulgaria to promote the region and setting up social events involving the incoming exchange students in order to help people in need.


European Society Club

European Society Club is a student-led club that aims to promote the EU’s ideas and values on campus. The club participates in round tables events, discussions, and workshops throughout the academic year to shed light on EU issues and propose feasible solutions. The central event that the club organizes annually is Model European Union, a three-day conference that gathers over 100 participants from Bulgaria and abroad. During the simulation, delegates engage in discussions and debates on a particular topic related to the EU, create a joint resolution and adopt it by following the EU voting procedure. MEU’s goal is to simulate the actual decision-making process taking place in EU institutions so that participants are provided with hands-on experience and have the opportunity to develop their negotiation skills. Apart from university students, the conference also involves high school students from all over Bulgaria whose expenses are covered by the Jean Monnet Program.



Infocus is a student photography club which publishes an artistic magazine, organizes professional workshops for students, and promotes photography works created by AUBG students. The club, consisting of 40 active members, is divided into photography, design, social media, and fundraising teams. In 2017, Infocus is celebrating its 10th anniversary.


More Honors

More Honors is a small part of the AUBG student body that is selected to represent the funny and bright side of the student life. The MH Academy has been entertaining the AUBG student body since 1998, when the first More Honors show took place. Its purpose is to represent student life in a show, while all of us, together, have a good time and laugh at our own strengths and faults. The Academy is a bunch of crazy AUBG students with a sense of moronism, who get together in one year of hard work and lots of fun to organize the year’s show. The academy is different every year and is lead by one or two Academy presidents, who change every year as well.

Polygon Club

Polygon’s main goal is to promote interest and excitement about mathematics in a collaborative, but also competitive environment. We intend to bring back the joy and the charm of creatively solving problems, while leaving aside the formalities and the set of rules that college brings to mathematics. Students from all majors/minors will be given the chance to participate in weekly sessions, where various competition problems will be discussed, but also in fun activities, quizzes, puzzle games etc. Polygon will hold a competition as a means of bringing the culture of competitive math to AUBG and offering students a chance to view math not as a science which involves only numbers and variables, but as a form of art. The club is about having fun with math and is always open to new ideas.

PTPI Bettter Community

The AUBG chapter of People to People International works to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities. PTPI/BCC was created in 2007 and for 10 years the club promotes tolerance and social responsibility in AUBG, and encourages environmental awareness within the community. PTPI/BCC partners with local and international organizations on projects valuable for the AUBG community and the Bulgarian society.

Radio AURA

Radio AURA is the first, entirely student based, private radio station, which has been broadcasting for the past 25 years. It gives the student body a chance to express themselves and engage in activities that tickle their own personal hobbies. From being the voice behind the microphone to organizing events and producing Jingles and advertisements, AURA has a place for anyone interested in how a radio station works. While playing current hits, we pride ourselves in being an alternative radio playing different genres and introducing new and exciting music to the people of Blagoevgrad and beyond.


Rock Jamming Club

A metaphysical shelter from the social constraints and burdens of academics, the place where the soul elevates above the mundane and the youthful spirits can find fulfillment – the one true house of righteous and glorified music on campus – our sweet home and sanctuary – the Rock Jamming Club. The aim of the Rock Jamming Club is providing the opportunity for AUBG students to enjoy playing, creating and practicing music to reach personal artistic or recreational ends. In 2018, the club is celebrating its 10th anniversary after re-establishment in 2008.

Presidents: Edvald Alikaj and Ivaylo Urdev



StartUP@Blagoevgrad is a student-run organization that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and students who want to start their own business. The club organizes some of the biggest events on campus like the StartUP Weekend and StartUP Conference, and a number of others like the StartUP Challenge and frequent lectures by interesting business people. StartUP Weekend is a global network for developing business ideas. The format aims to inspire and to guide each participant with the help of mentors who have succeeded in different business fields. The duration of the event is three days, during which StartUP enthusiasts share ideas, form teams and prepare strategies for the implementation of their own ideas. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship can participate. Mentors share their expert opinion on the possibilities of the ideas, and motivate the participants to work hard. On the last day of the event, the teams present their ideas, which are evaluated by a jury comprised of renowned entrepreneurs.The StartUP Conference is one of the biggest annual events for entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. The conference gathers investors, entrepreneurs and students, who are given the opportunity to communicate and exchange inspirational ideas and to start their own business. The main objective of the forum is to present achievements related to business and entrepreneurship. The team of StartUP@Blagoevgrad consists of 30-40 people.



TEDxAUBG is a student club authorized by the official TED Global organization to organize an independent TEDx conference. The event features presenters from all over the world, who give TED talks on various topics in the spheres such as science, sociology, technology and many more. In April 2018 TEDxAUBG will present its 7th annual conference. The goal of the event is to broaden the perspectives of the AUBG audience in various topics and to introduce new knowledge to them. The club itself consists of 20-30 people.


The Hub

The Hub is the Computer Science and IT Entrepreneurship club of AUBG. We help students get practical experience by doing real-life projects and participating in various competitions. We are also the organizers of the annual hackathon HackBlagoevgrad.


We are Social