List of Clubs and Activities

Take a look at the list of our student clubs and see which ones suit your personality and passions.

AFC Griffins

AFC Griffins stands to be the only active sports team at AUBG. We strive to popularize American football not only among AUBGers but all around Bulgaria and host an annual flag championship or, if not possible, a flag football game. We have expanded into something bigger than anticipated and developed departments to help us manage it. 

President: Mladen Pecakovski

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AUBG Business Club

The AUBG Business Club is an independent student organization aiming at the practical application of courses’ studied theoretical framework in the field of business, finance, and economics. At its core, the club lays the foundations of the transition between the academic environment at AUBG and the real world of business. Through a diversified portfolio of activities, the club will function as an information resource center and practical guide for students interested in business and economics. The AUBG Business club will always be open towards innovative ideas, therefore giving the chance to any other clubs or student organizations to join, under the common constitution and centralized structure, though still allowed to keep their own identity and internal independence. The Business Club at AUBG is devoted to bringing the highest quality of speakers and the greatest value to our student body.

President: Ivan Georgiev 

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AUBG Daily

AUBG Daily is a form of online media, run entirely by undergraduates, that aims to cover every newsworthy story that relates to the AUBG community life and beyond. We also try to cover interesting and essential stories from around the world. The publishing focus is on in-depth and investigative pieces, whereas event coverage takes the form of photo stories on a variety of topics. The media also issues a newspaper, “The Griffin News” which incorporates pieces pertaining to the corresponding semester of publishing.

President: Yoanna Dimitrova

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AUBG Dance Crew

AUBG Dance Crew is a performing club run solely by students. Dance Crew members experience a friendly atmosphere while practicing a wide assortment of dance styles including ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, ballroom dances, jazz funk, etc. The club is actively participating in AUBG life throughout the year by dancing on different events such as Christmas Ball, Open House Day, AUBG’s Got Talent, and by collaborating with other AUBG clubs. Moreover, Dance Crew organizes its own thematical show at the end of every academic year. We also provide a variety of workshops for anyone who is interested in learning a particular dance genre.

President: Veselina Balabanova

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AUBG Olympics

AUBG Olympics is one of the biggest clubs on campus. We organize different challenges and sports workshops throughout the semesters allowing students to participate and win cool prizes. At the end of the academic year, we organize the biggest event on campus - the Olympiad also known as D-Day. We gather hundreds of people at the Porter Park Baseball Field to test their skills in almost all of the sports included in the actual Olympic Games.

The club is recognized by the student body with its unique spirit and vibe spread all around campus. Fire burns inside our chests and drives us ever forward.

President: Georgi Staykov

AUBG Political Science Club

The Political Science Club at AUBG initiates and organizes various types of educational seminars, conferences, symposia, political simulations, projects, consultations, and conducts meetings and lectures with Bulgarian and foreign political science analysts, politicians, diplomats, prominent social figures and others, related in any way to the field of political science and international relations. The Club organizes and participates in events by the AUBG Department of Political Science and European Studies, critically examines concepts and developments in the world of politics, follows and discusses the news, recommends books, recommends books, writes articles, and observes the work of political institutions. We aim at complementing and facilitating the education process of the university and work in close conjunction with the highly esteemed Sofia University Student's Club of Political Science.

President: Pavel Nestorov

Better Community Club

The Better Community Club is a union of AUBG students aiming to create a community of equality, tolerance and personal integrity. For 13 consecutive years, the club has been successful in encouraging social responsibility within people. This year, alongside its regular activities like the Foster Home Project, charity events and awareness campaigns,  BCC will organize the 1st Social Entrepreneurship Competition. AUBG students and young people from Blagoevgrad and the region are our target group. We, the BCC members believe that "we must become the change we want to see" (Gandhi).

President: Neli Velichkova

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Broadway Performance Club

Broadway Performance Club was established in 2007 and strives to leave an indelible mark on the Bulgarian audience by introducing it to the magic of its Broadway musical productions. In the past 12 years, the AUBG students have performed in front of a total of close to 50,000 people. The uniqueness of the project lies within its team, as the club is entirely run by students from the American University in Bulgaria. Each musical they put on stage is produced, directed, and choreographed by young adults, aged 18-22, who have little or no prior experience in these fields. The 1996 Broadway rock musical Rent is the thirteenth production of the Broadway Performance Club at AUBG, which the club will perform in Spring 2020. Winner of multiple Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize, Rent is about falling in love, finding your voice and living for today.

President: Victoria Angelova

Bulgarian Folk Dance Club "Samodiva"

BFDC "Samodiva" is known for its mission to enrich the communities in AUBG, Blagoevgrad and Blagoevgrad region by teaching the Bulgarian historical and regional folk dances and dance customs in a fun, interactive and energized way. Every year we present our annual artistic performance that includes acting and dancing, intertwined to display the spirit of exquisite literary works of prominent Bulgarian authors.

President: Vladislava Dimitrova 

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European Society Club

European Society Club is a student-led club that aims to promote the EU’s ideas and values on campus. The club participates in round tables events, discussions, and workshops throughout the academic year to shed light on EU issues and propose feasible solutions. The central event that the club organizes annually is Model European Union, a three-day conference that gathers over 100 participants from Bulgaria and abroad. During the simulation, delegates engage in discussions and debates on a particular topic related to the EU, create a joint resolution and adopt it by following the EU voting procedure. MEU’s goal is to simulate the actual decision-making process taking place in EU institutions so that participants are provided with hands-on experience and have the opportunity to develop their negotiation skills. Apart from university students, the conference also involves high school students from all over Bulgaria whose expenses are covered by the Jean Monnet Program

President: Veliyana Georgieva

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Investment Management Club

The AUBG Investment Management Club (IMC), is the university’s social hub for those interested in finance, economics, investing, trading and everything in between. We strive to provide an out of classroom environment where everyone passionate about these topics can grow and develop both academically and professionally, and ultimately find a rewarding career in the sphere of their choice. The club organizes guest lectures with industry professionals, in group presentations on topics of interest, challenges and competitions where students can cut their teeth on real-world business cases. As of this year, we aim to launch our “study trip” program, the participants of which would be able to travel and visit important financial centers and institutions gaining insight into the workings of the global financial system and their place within it.

President: Stanislav Stankov


Presidents: Emanuil Mavrodiev

Model United Nations Club

Model United Nations club encourages the students’ public speaking skills and awareness of real-world situations. Within our conference, we reinforce the participant’s research skills and their critical thinking in assessing the different sources of information. Our most important feature is the debate and motivating all our participants to express their opinions towards the designated topics

President: Nina Kutubidze

More Honors Academy

More Honors is a small part of the AUBG student body that is selected to represent the funny and bright side of the student life. The MH Academy has been entertaining the AUBG student body since 1998 when the first More Honors show took place. Its purpose is to represent student life in a show, while all of us, together, have a good time and laugh at our own strengths and faults. The Academy is a bunch of crazy AUBG students with a sense of moronism, who get together in one year of hard work and lots of fun to organize the year’s show. The academy is different every year and is lead by one or two Academy presidents, who change every year as well.

Presidents: Marieta Milusheva

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is an emerging club dedicated to mental health awareness and student enrichment functions. We host events that help with stress management, homesickness, and what one should expect to experience on Work & Travel. The Psychology Club is looking forward to expanding its interests and activities in the coming year.

President: Madison Miller

Radio AURA

Radio AURA is the first, entirely student-based, private radio station, which has been broadcasting for the past 26 years. It was also the first club at the university. Radio AURA aims to cover everything that relates both to the AUBG bubble and outside. The media features a daily news show and a variety of individual shows. The radio does not only include voices behind the microphone, but also two other creative teams that work behind-the-scenes. Producers create jingles and commercials. The Sales department works with sponsors and organizes all of the radio events on campus. AURA has a place for anyone interested in how a radio station works.

President: Sofia Budeva

Rock Jamming Club

Rock Jamming Club is a student club with amateur musicians and creative students willing to learn music and perform together. The club organizes traditional annual concerts and collaborates with other AUBG clubs and departments to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere at any event.

President: Rashid Beissov


StartUP@Blagoevgrad is an independent student club, founded in 2012, with the purpose of bringing together students, enterprisers, & investors through the two biggest entrepreneurial events on campus: StartUP Weekend - Officially licensed by TechStars, the event is a 54-hour competition that allows like-minded people to work on an idea from scratch while being guided by experienced mentors & judges in different sub spheres of business. StartUP Conference - An annual full-day conference that finds the most well-known & proven entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, Europe, & the USA and gives them the chance to network with over 250 participants through a series of speeches, workshops, & showcases.

President: Velislav Tsenov


GOAL: ever since 2010 - to introduce everyone to Bulgaria’s unique music culture.
TEAM: An international team of students, professors & a Fulbright ETA. WAY: A concert full of the best Bulgarian (folklore and not only) songs we know. 
UNIQUENESS: It will not be only a concert –the magic of music will tell traditional Bulgarian stories.

President: Desislava Arnaudova


TEDxAUBG is a student club authorized by the official TED organization to organize an independent TEDx conference. The event features speakers, thinkers, and doers from all over the world, who give TEDx talks on various topics in the spheres of science, sociology, technology and many more. In April 2020 TEDxAUBG will present its 9th annual conference. The goal of the event is to broaden the perspectives of the AUBG audience on various topics and to introduce new knowledge to them.

President: Desisslava Manova

The Hub

We are a community of young and ambitious students with an interest in software development, engineering, design and technology. We believe that getting together with like-minded individuals to exchange experience and ideas is the key ingredient needed to ignite innovation and entrepreneurship into the minds and hearts of fellow enthusiasts. This is what truly motivates us to get together, organize events and bring change.

President: Mira Radoslavova

The Medieval Society Club

The Medieval Society club covers reenactment of any kind as long as the activities covered are from the medieval period. The major activities include, but are not limited to archery, medieval cuisine, reproduction of clothing and jewelry, heavy armor combat, reproduction of armor and weapons, embroidery, etc. The goal of the club is to get in touch with the way of life in medieval times.

President: Svetlin Dramov 

Women in Leadership - WIL

Women in Leadership is a skill-oriented training program concentrating on management, marketing, entrepreneurship & leadership. Our goal is to provide young women with the highest level of modern-day professional development by equipping them with the tools and skills to succeed in executive occupations and activities.

President: Nikol Peeva

Xaia Hiking Club

Xaia ([H'aia] means 'mountain' in Yakutian) Hiking Club is a student club that aims to invoke love of nature and a spirit of adventure in students by taking them on hikes and organizing campus events that promote a healthy lifestyle. We offer AUBGers to take part in our hikes that are held three times a week. Also, we create a very family-cozy atmosphere on our events such as Campfire Poetry Night; Story Night; Earth Hour; Earth Day and others.

President: Yevhenii Kripak

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