Activities and Clubs

At AUBG, our students don’t just focus on academic excellence. Our residential campus offers students many opportunities for a different kind of learning: one that’s just as important. In fact we go out of our way to encourage you to fully take part in the vibrant program of events and activities offered here.

Not only do our clubs & activities offer lots of fun, they also build essential qualities like organizational and communication skills, taking initiative and venturing outside your comfort zone.

We find that academically talented students like you take on roles and pursuits they might never have imagined before. Whatever your interests - music, dance, business, etc., chances are there will be a club at AUBG for you.

We also encourage our students to take responsibility for self-governance. Our Student Government is a key aspect of our approach, involving all students in hands-on learning about democracy in action and leadership.

Take a look at the list of our student clubs and see which ones suits your personality and passions.

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