The Red Carpet of the AUBG Business Club

March 31, 2023 Valeria Gerganova
The Red Carpet of the AUBG Business Club

Students’ faces from Hollywood-themed posters were promising a fabulous night on campus for weeks. On the March 1, 2023 the AUBG Business Club organized their networking event “Talks of Fame”, where the leaders of some of the biggest companies in Bulgaria visited the university.

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A red carpet led to the theatre, which was full of students and inspiring stories.


Alexander Bekyarov, the chief executive of HP for Bulgaria, shared on stage some of the most valuable lessons he learned while building a career in the corporate world. He shared an important piece of advice for the students.

“Be easy to work with but never forget what you stand for.”

In order to find that perfect balance, Bekyarov made his fair share of mistakes, which he was not shy to talk about.

“You must find what you love”, continued Temelko Dechev, who is the founder of the award-winning marketing agency ExpandX. Before realizing his love was sales, he was an 18-year-old boy who had just lost his mother and was trying to sell an apartment. Temelko’s lesson for the audience was how to “sell the need” and he even invited students on stage to help him spread the message.

The next speaker was Dr. Vanio Vezirov, who combined business talk with the poetry of Hristo Fotev and Damyan Damyanov. He is a biotechnological entrepreneur and founder of OS Implants, which uses 3D printing for building anatomical models. The audience had the chance to see one such a model – a unique skull, made by Dr. Vezirov himself.

After the three talks the stage was transformed into a studio for a live podcast, hosted by Irina Obushtarova, the CEO of The Recursive. The guest of honor was the managing director of KPMG IT Service OOD, Svetoslav Spasov, who was eager to answer all questions and share his experience.


Once the podcast finished, the audience joined the conversation. All five professionals had their own designated corners in Aspire, where they met students and talked face-to-face for hours, until the security reminded them it was time to close the building.

While everyone was busy talking, Hangout had their hands full preparing thematic cocktails. There was even special help from Sofia – a barman from the premium drinks company Thomas Henry. Each glass came with a special story, while everyone dived in the Hollywood spirit.

The event was also supported by the sponsors KPMG IT Services OOD, Nettera Communications, Asarel Medet OD, Red Bull, and Vidas.

One student left the event particularly happy having won the big award from the Business Club’’s giveaway – a MacBook Air.