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Start your startup journey with Elevate!

  • Do you have a business idea that you'd like to work on? Are there 4-5 other people willing to join your startup journey? Tell us more about it in the application form.

  • Once the application process is over, the most promising ideas have the chance to pitch in front of AUBG professors, alumni, and business experts. After this "Selection day", finalists are then invited to become part of Elevate Season 4.

  • Develop your business idea throughout the program, prepare for your final pitch, compete for an investment pool of $30,000 and find your long-term mentor.



    • Svetozar Georgiev ('02)
    • Svetozar Georgiev ('02)
    • Svetozar Georgiev ('02), Telerik
    • Georgi Petrov, Founder of NitroPack & SMSBump
    • Kosta Jordanov, FITE


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Elevate serves as a vehicle to engage the university alumni network.

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We need a society of active builders, not passive consumers.

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I wish we had Elevate when I was a student.

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Teams SE4
Teams SE4 Image

Teams SE4

  • PossePay is a fintech web platform that will provide a solution for online payments for bars and restaurants. The start-up is at the idea stage and the team consists of two AUBG senior students and three non-AUBG students.

  • Education+ is a platform for youth opportunities that connects youngsters with NGOs and businesses. It is one of a kind place - a marketplace for opportunities, a social network, and an interactive portfolio builder. The start-up is at the idea stage and the Education+ team consists of two freshmen girls studying at AUBG.

  • Starseeds naturals is a Bulgarian startup for natural artisan skincare that aims to create products inspired by nature, with the purest and highest quality ingredients that can effectively help in skin care, and to spread the idea of an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle. The start-up is at the prototype stage and currently validating the market in stores and the team behind it consists of two AUBG alumni.

  • Puzzld is a fashion brand that is making functional, stylish bags with separate compartments for all the objects one may need to have with them. Their bags save people’s time . The start-up is at the prototype stage and the team behind the idea consists of two senior AUBG students.

  • Team Neuron Autos aims to revolutionize car washing through their cutting-edge app by which individuals can allow entrusted drivers to wash and safely return their car to a location of choice. The team is at the idea stage and the team behind it consists of three current AUBG students.

Teams SE3
Teams SE3 Image

Teams SE3

    • Coordinator: Nikol Peeva

    Bulgaria’s first digital C2C fashion resale service for brand-new and pre-worn fashion goods sparks an eco-conscious retail movement that will reduce the fashion industry's environmental impact.

  • Follow:

    A one-of-a-kind 3in1 place that transforms three times during the day: morning-lunch - suitable for brunch; afternoon - for snacks and studying; evening - for cocktails and networking.

  • А local journalism platform focused on the city of Sofia. We tackle politics, business, leisure, and investigations through text and graphical representation.

  • A storytelling audio platform that enables you to dive into the history of museum exhibits, heritage sites, and landmarks.

  • A crowdfunding platform that aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by creating a symbiotic network of corporates, individuals and project owners, paving the way for sustainable finance.

  • An innovative Bulgarian digital platform for online courses led by professionals in fields ranging from business and media to psychology and art.

  • An urban sustainability app that aims to make it more convenient and incentivizing for consumers to develop green habits and become conscious shoppers.

Teams SE2
Teams SE2 Image

Teams SE2

  • Video Production and Creative Design outsourcing.

    • Coordinator: Dimitrina Pashova
    Follow their story:

    Vending machines for products that promote health and sex education.

    • Coordinator: Kalina Dimitrova

    A unified platform where J1 housing offers can be uploaded and reviewed.

    • Coordinator: Kristina Borisova
    Read their story::

    Hand-made cosmetic products with natural ingredients with a cause.

  • A platform for booking our thematic interactive tours across the Balkans.

    • Coordinator: Plamen Kostov

    The identity of the future. Where you manage your financial life.

    • Coordinator: Andreyana Andreeva

    Pate Mate serves as a specialty gourmet Mate Infusions that fuel energy.

Teams SE1
Teams SE1 Image

Teams SE1

  • Support the Grannies:

    We want to hire grannies to produce traditional Bulgarian foods (лютеница, кьопоолу, и т.н.) and export them to Scandinavian countries. We want to improve the lives of Bulgarian pensioners (for every 4 hours of work on making products they get paid 5 without working. Instead the team will organize events that aim to integrate elderly people in contemporary society i.e. digital literacy, social networks)

  • Not a math game. it is The Game!:

    We are an interactive and visually compelling game that aims to icentivise children to learn math while incorporating competetive elements.

    • Coordinator: Yuliy Yuliev
    Barzo, Anabolno, Vkusno:

    We are the first Bulgarian fitness tracking app aiming at providing diet and fitness guidance through AI and ML.

  • The world is yours:

    We want to build an application to connect people traveling between cities.

  • Clothes tell stories:

    We are a clothing brand that tailors stories into their garments. The idea behind the brand is to start a culture inspired by a fantasy world and transfer it to the reality via their

  • Charge your devices here .. there & everywhere:

    We are a team that wants to integrate wireless charging devices in public planes and at-home furniture.

Elevate Team team members

Elevate Team

Season 4

Georgi Georgiev team members

Georgi Georgiev

Managing Director

Kristina Borisova team members

Kristina Borisova

Managing Director

Ivaylo Todorov team members

Ivaylo Todorov

Financial Manager

Joana Mihova team members

Joana Mihova

Marketing Manager

Hristo Hubenov team members

Hristo Hubenov

Marketing Manager

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Our program is proud to have the support of people who believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of the AUBG community. The supporters of the program help it run, gather pool of investment, and reward the most prominent ideas.

Elevate Exclusive partners ($10,000+)

  • Georgi Petrov
  • Hristo Borisov

Elevate Futurists ($5,000+)

  • SumUp
  • Black Peak Advisor

Elevate Ambassadors ($500+)

  • Radoslav Georgiev
  • Vilislav Slavev
  • MarketStar

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  • Desi Manova
  • Kliment Bogdanov
  • Rosen Petkov