Preparing for Life on Campus

We make sure that our new students feel right at home, so don’t worry - you’ll soon settle in. We are confident that you will appreciate the diversity of students from more than 40 nationalities, competent and friendly professors, modern campus and a beautiful mountain setting. AUBG is both a jumpstart for your career as well as a time to build lifelong friendships.

If you haven’t seen inside one of our Skaptopara Residence Halls, take our virtual tour! Skapto I, II and III open 24 hours before the start of Orientation Week, so you can come a day early to move in. You will get your room assignment in advance, so don’t worry!

Room selection

Before the semester starts, you will receive an email from the Residence Life and Housing Office. The rooms selection procedures are different for returning and new students: returning students select rooms first and the remaining places are assigned to the newcomers. New students can fill in the Roommate Compatibility Questionnaire to ease the process of combining students with similar preferences. If you have a special room request, already know who you want to share a room with, or have any other questions, please contact the Residence Life and Housing Office.

What we have on campus

You can find anything you need for the school year on campus or in Blagoevgrad. Books and stationery are available in the university bookstore and you can get meals and snacks at the student restaurant and three cafes. 

On campus you'll have access to the Panitza Library, gym, sports hall, running track, outdoor sports fields, theater and plenty of spaces to study. 

Your room comes equipped with a bed, mattress, pillows and blankets, wardrobe, desk, and a chair for each student. Each room also has a mini-fridge. You will have access to a kitchen and laundry services on campus. Irons and vacuum cleaners are available at the front desk. Read more about life in the dorms here

What to bring

While you can find everything in town (or order online), here are some things you will need right away:

  • Towels and linens (a blanket and a pillow are provided)
  • Posters, pictures and other room decorations (no nails or tape on walls, but you can be creative)
  • Cups, glasses, plates, utensils
  • Coathangers

What not to bring

  • Pets are not allowed in the residence halls. They violate standards of health and sanitation and many people are allergic to them. 
  • Electrical Appliances - heaters and cooking appliances are dangerous and a violation of the law. The rooms are not designed for cooking or extensive electricity use. 
  • Flammable items of any type, including incense and candles, because they are a fire hazard.
  • Be careful about bringing expensive items such as jewelry, etc. No insurance policy is provided and any such items are brought at your own risk.
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