AUBG Mentorship program for FY students

What is MentiFY?

"MentiFY" is a brand-new peer mentorship program designed to facilitate the smooth transition of first-year students as they navigate the challenges of university life, adapt to AUBG's culture, and integrate into the vibrant campus community. The program aims to provide continuous support to new students by offering valuable resources and guidance right from the start of their journey on campus.

Who are the MentiFYers?

"MentiFYers" are AUBG sophomore students who have successfully transitioned to university life at AUBG. These peer mentors play a crucial role during New Student Orientation, welcoming the incoming students and helping them adjust to AUBG’s culture and environment. The MentiFYers are peer nominated. They are selected, trained, supported, and supervised by Chief MentiFYers – two experienced junior-standing role model peer mentors, and the Dean of Students Office Team.

MentiFY Team

Sabina A. Wien team members

Sabina A. Wien

MentiFY Supervisor

Radosveta Miltcheva-Castle team members

Radosveta Miltcheva-Castle

MentiFY Supervisor

Yordanka Trenovska team members

Yordanka Trenovska

MentiFY Supervisor

Iren Dimitrova team members

Iren Dimitrova

Chief MentiFYer

Marko Mazepa team members

Marko Mazepa

Chief MentiFYer

Ani Kovacheva team members

Ani Kovacheva


Blagovest Stoyanov team members

Blagovest Stoyanov


Egor Golovin team members

Egor Golovin