How to pay?

When making an online payment for tuition and fees, please indicate your name, ID number (if relevant), and the reason for making the payment.

BA Students Payment Deadlines

Payment must be received in AUBG bank account in full by August 10th for the fall semester and by January 10th for the spring semester. Students whose payments are not received by those dates will be assessed a late fee of 100 and may have their registration canceled without prior notice. Please make sure you initiate the payment a few days before these due dates to meet the payment deadlines as bank transfers may take a few days to settle.

A Note for Current BA Students

In line with AUBG’s transition to the EURO, the current balance on your student account will be converted as per fixed rate of USD to BGN and then per fixed rate to EUR on July 1 with the valued exchange rate for 30 June 2023. As you have been informed, AUBG is migrating to EMPOWER, the new Student Information System. The good news is, EMPOWER will be the new platform where you can check your student bills, too. Therefore, your Fall 2023 bills in EUR currency will be posted on EMPOWER on July 10th, 2023.

A Note for New Students

You have been informed about your bills in your acceptance letter. You will be trained on how to use AUBG’s new Student Information System EMPOWER to check your bills online in the webinar on July 26th.

For general info about tuition and fees for the Academic Year 2023-24, please click here.

If you have any questions related to the statements please contact [email protected].

Executive MBA Students Payment Deadlines
Fees must be paid on schedule prior to the beginning of each semester.

Please note that payments received in AUBG bank account in USD are posted to student accounts in EUR equivalent according to the official USD/BGN exchange rate ( and the fixed BGN/EUR rate of 1.95583 on the date of receipt of the payment as per the bank statement. To avoid exchange rate losses, make sure you transfer BGN to BGN account and USD to USD account.