How to Guide: Write Your AUBG Essay

January 06, 2024 American University in Bulgaria
How to Guide: Write Your AUBG Essay

Your ultimate guide on how to apply for AUBG: The Essay. Learn everything you need to know about it.

About the Essay

The essay has to be in English and 650 words long. Going a few words above or under is OK. When writing the essay, pay attention to spelling, grammar, and structure. The Admissions Committee* will evaluate each of the components when reviewing your application.   

If the essay topic allows, you should structure it like you would an essay for an English proficiency test: introduction, argument #1, counterargument, argument #2, and conclusion.   


Every year the essay topics are different – from fiction pieces to personal stories. We post them on the admissions part of thewebsite and in the application form.If you’re applying through Common App, we’ll accept an essay written on one of the topics there.  

Not a Motivation Letter

The AUBG admissions essay is not a motivation letter. You must pick and answer one of the questions we’ve provided, rather than elaborate on your reasons to come to AUBG. Still, if you want to, you can submit a motivation letter with the rest of your documents. 


If you’re applying for the Fall semester, you must submit all your documents (essay included) by the admission deadline. Applying for priority and early admission increases your chances of getting better scholarships and financial support. This way you’ll also know sooner if you’re accepted.  

You can ask your admissions counselor for feedback on a draft of your essay. Do it enough in advance, however, so they have the time to look at it and get back to you. 

NB: The Admissions Committee is made up of faculty and staff members of the university. It does not include counselors, recruitment coordinators or any other members of the Admissions team.  

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