What It Is Like Being a Student Assistant

March 15, 2024 Tsvetina Georgieva
What It Is Like Being a Student Assistant

This article was originally published on the AUBG Daily website, it is written by Tsvetina Georgieva and edited by Niya Manditsch and Dasha Dolgopolova

“Dynamic, stimulating, and engaging” is how David Mihailovski describes his work as a student assistant at AUBG’s Registrar’s Office.

Every semester, AUBG offers student assistant positions in different offices, such as the Career Center, Admissions, Registrars, Library, Sports and Athletics Center, etc. These opportunities help students acquire new skills, give a hand to other students and staff members, bond with the community, and earn money.

This article was originally published on the AUBG Daily website, it is written by Tsvetina Georgieva and edited by Niya Manditsch and Dasha Dolgopolova

“For me, having the chance to gain experience in office work, while at the same time not leaving the comfort of our campus seemed like a wonderful idea,” David said.

Students first apply for the student assistant position. If approved, they sign a contract with the relevant office so that the amount of hours they work can be paid. Depending on the office, students receive between one and two euros per hour – money transferred to their student accounts. Yet, money is not the main incentive for students to become assistants.

“I chose to become a student assistant because I wanted to try an extracurricular task that can help me be more flexible with different responsibilities in between studying,” Tsveta Topalova, the student assistant at the Career Center, said.

Student assistants not only carry out their duties but also benefit from their position and work.

“It is often interesting to find information about various job opportunities, events, or scholarships in general,” Tsveta said.

“This not only helps others but also helps me to see what is now offered to people currently studying in different parts of the world. It can give you time to do research or observe for yourself.”

Student assistants have different tasks and responsibilities that connect them to their colleagues and help staff members of the given office.

“As a student assistant, my tasks mainly consist of providing help to fellow students who visit the office requesting documents, archiving and inputting data, as well as general office help, such as organizing files, copying, printing, and shredding classified material,” David said.

Other tasks connect student assistants with potential AUBG students.

“I have done a lot of campus tours, school visits, inquiry forms, and phone call campaigns with prospective students,” Nikol Miroslavova, a student assistant at the Admissions Office, said.

Yet another aspect of the work is related to alumni and the future development of AUBG students after their graduation.

“I usually help the Career Center with researching information related to the Newsletter such as job and internship opportunities for alumni and students,” Tsveta said.

The variety of tasks each student assistant executes provides them with valuable knowledge and competencies. “That [working at the office] supplied me with great social, communication, and organization skills, time management, and public speaking,” Nikol said.

To gain these skills, knowledge, and experience, it is important to be inquisitive.

“Always ask, and you shall receive. Whenever you have a question – just ask. People love teaching the skills they have gathered during their careers. So, never feel scared to ask for advice or guidance,” David said.

When applying to become a student assistant, “make sure it doesn’t interfere with your academics,” as David said. Although these positions offer flexible working hours and are adapted to students’ academic schedules, Tsveta still finds the job to be “very responsible” as it requires students’ time, effort, and attention to detail.

Despite this necessity for dedication, the three student assistants find many positive aspects to the positions. They even advise other students to try it and “just enjoy it,” as Nikol said.

“Ask yourself if this experience will positively impact your goals, and just go for it,” David said.