How to Guide: Prepare for Your AUBG Interview

January 07, 2024 American University in Bulgaria
How to Guide: Prepare for Your AUBG Interview

Your ultimate guide on how to apply for AUBG: The Interview. Learn everything you need to know about it.

About the Interview

The admissions interview is an informal one-on-one chat between you and someone from the AUBG community (usually a member of staff or faculty, or an alumn). We do it so we can get to know you better as an applicant – up until then, your counselor will have been the only person who knows why you deserve to be an AUBG student. The interviewer will ask you about your experience so far, your reasons to attend the university, and your ideas for your future. 

But the interview also gives you a chance to learn more about AUBG. You get to see more of our community, ask about academics, and learn about life at the university first-hand.  

Where does it take place? 

You can have the admissions interview in-person or online. Our applicants are always welcome on campus, and for those in Sofia, we organize special sessions with alumni each February.  

If you want to (or have to) do the interview online, you’ll need a microphone and camera (both should stay on throughout the meeting), as well as a stable internet connection. For online meetings, we use Microsoft Teams and Zoom. If you have to use a different platform because of regional restrictions, let your counselor know so they can arrange it.  

How do you schedule it? 

After you upload your high school transcript and English proficiency certificate, your counselor will send you instructions on how to schedule your admissions interview. If you choose an online interview, you’ll have to schedule the date and time through the online platform linked in the invitation email. If you want to have the interview in person, you can request it by contacting your counselor.  

Some advice 

“The number one piece of advice I have for students doing the interview is to have a very clear idea of why you want to come to AUBG” – said the Admissions Counselor, Samantha Harvey. “It seems like basic advice to give. However many students do not have a conclusive answer for why they want to enroll at AUBG.” 

She also advises you:

  • Have a very clear idea of why you want to come to AUBG. Start by figuring that out for yourself and then learn how to best express it.  
  • Don’t go looking for the “10 Most Asked Questions at an Interview” and then come up with cliché answers. This is not what our interviewers are going to ask you. 
  • If you’re having you interview online, make sure you are the only person in the room the entire time. This simple trick will create a private environment and take some of the pressure off your shoulders.  
  • When booking your interview time slot, make note of what time zone you’re choosing.  

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