Psychology (Secondary Major)*

Understand the human mind. Everything is connected to psychology

The Psychology major program will help you understand human behaviour and mental processes and allow you to better understand how people think, act, and feel – in other words, everything that people do. The first priority of the Psychology major is to equip dual-major students with specific skills and knowledge directly applicable to professional contexts across the most popular majors at AUBG. 

The Psychology major provides both the theoretical foundation and the practical empirical knowledge and tools necessary to understand and critically evaluate psychology research and their applications.

Students are given the opportunity to clearly define an advanced, self-directed research topic or area of interest and be able to explore this topic thoroughly in both written and presentation formats.

The Psychology program trains students to thinking critically and apply psychology methods and knowledge to professional settings, such as business administration, economics, journalism, and media communications. These include understanding and predicting organizational behavior, leadership and team-building, conducting focus groups, interviewing skills and text analysis, community engagement, social change, and understanding human behavior in social contexts, and personality and psychopathology.

A Psychology degree is one that is increasingly valued by employers who value the analytical and reasoning skills it gives you. A secondary priority is placed on developing research skills to prepare students wishing to pursue graduate degrees in psychology.

* Secondary majors are those that are accredited in the United States and result in an American diploma only.

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