Kayla Whittaker – AUBG Former Student Making a Difference

October 11, 2023
Kayla Whittaker – AUBG Former Student Making a Difference

Kayla Whittaker is a former exchange student at AUBG in the fall of 2010, who later graduated with a degree in Mass Communications: Public Relations/Advertising in 2013 from her home university. Kayla describes her decision to choose AUBG as fate, signing up late for the study abroad program.

“AUBG was chosen for me. I signed up late but had a lot of cultural diversity available on campus.”

Kayla’s time at AUBG unexpectedly changed her life and career trajectory. She volunteered with the Better Community Club, worked with local social homes for children, and engaged with the local Roma community. These experiences, she says, “so deeply moved and shaped my heart’s desire to serve others and share my faith.” This passion led her to start a non-profit called “Rays of Hope for Bulgaria.”

AUBG, with its diverse community and passionate educators, helped grow Kayla’s horizons. She highlights the impact of the university’s environment.

“AUBG helped grow my horizons by offering a diverse community, wonderfully passionate professors, and areas to practice the academic material and skills learned on campus.”

Since her time at AUBG, Kayla has achieved significant milestones, including the establishment of her non-profit organization, Rays of Hope for Bulgaria. “Notable achievements would be starting the non-profit, seeing children and students directly impacted by our work, and receiving the Foundations Award from AUBG earlier this year.”

Kayla acknowledges the profound influence of AUBG professors and staff, including Sabina Wien, Bill & Lisa Clark, and Lydia Krise, who guided her academic journey and continue to support her endeavors. “They were wonderful university professors and staff that helped shape and guide my time at AUBG,” she said.

Being an AUBG former student has enabled Kayla to create meaningful connections within the university’s network, facilitating her integration into the local community and enhancing her ability to serve effectively. She encourages prospective students to “dive deep in connecting with your community… join clubs, build relationships, and continue to do good work that leaves a legacy of bettering our world.”

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