Viktor Getov (EMBA’22): AUBG’s EMBA is the Best Higher Education You Can Get in Bulgaria

April 24, 2024
Viktor Getov (EMBA’22): AUBG’s EMBA is the Best Higher Education You Can Get in Bulgaria

Read EMBA alumnus Viktor Getov’s feature in Forbes Bulgaria. The interview has been translated from its original Bulgarian.

Viktor Getov is a leader in the hospitality industry, with twelve years of experience in this sector, six of which in management positions.

He has worked in a number of countries in Europe and Asia and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management from the prestigious Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland.

Driven by the desire to continue improving his knowledge and skills, Viktor graduated from AUBG’s Executive MBA in 2022. In this interview, he talks about his impressions of the program.

What motivated you to enroll in AUBG’s EMBA Program? 

I have always been guided by the principle that education is the most valuable thing in which one can invest time and resources. It may sound like a cliché, but striving to build a better version of ourselves reflects a conscious choice regarding how we define and prioritize our lives.

AUBG’s EMBA program is an example of high quality, interactive and extremely well-structured education with a modern approach, up-to-date information and applicable knowledge.

For me, this was a top priority, and I had no doubts that I wanted to pursue my master’s degree there. The university’s reputation and its established position as the best business program in Bulgaria for the past 20 years made my choice even more certain.

Additionally, the program’s recognition both nationally and internationally served as a clear sign of the opportunities that awaited me upon graduation.

How did you manage to balance your professional commitments with your studies?

Certainly, it was a significant challenge, but it’s important to note that the structured nature of the program — with classes on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays — allowed me to remain engaged in my profession without compromising my work responsibilities.

During that time, my professional responsibilities at the “Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia” were exceptionally dynamic. However, this only enhanced my level of concentration and motivation to give my best.

What were the advantages of the program for you?

The program offered immense potential for new connections, valuable discussions, and situations where everyone could find what was most valuable to them. I was particularly impressed by the selection, professionalism, and preparedness of all the professors. Their approach was personal, allowing each of us the opportunity to express our viewpoints or ask clarifying questions to apply the knowledge in our own spheres of work.

The most valuable aspect of the program was in fact the new friendships and business partnerships. Within just a year and a half, I managed to enrich my professional network significantly. Yet, the best part begins with the alumni community fostered at AUBG. Indeed, this was my intention when choosing the university: a place where education is just the beginning of an adventure. The solidarity among alumni is remarkable. AUBG hosts dozens of events and meetings for us, fostering strong connections and collaborations among all graduates.

What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling in the program?

This is the best higher education you can get in Bulgaria. While the academic aspect is crucial, here you’ll receive much more. You’ll experience an excellent academic environment, the opportunity to balance your professional commitments with your education, a new family after completing the program, and the prospect of development through hundreds of contacts. It’s essential from the very beginning for candidates to be focused and prepared to make the most of every interaction with colleagues and professors.