AUBG Welcomes New Alumni Association Leadership

April 19, 2024
AUBG Welcomes New Alumni Association Leadership

The AUBG Alumni Association held its presidential elections, resulting in a significant turnout and vibrant campaign dynamics. Nearly 15% of the alumni cast their votes, marking a notable level of engagement in the decision-making process for the association’s leadership.

Valya Nadova (’13) has been elected as the new president of the AUBG Alumni Association. Valya’s ascent to this pivotal role is a testament to her leadership qualities and her deep commitment to the university, qualities that resonated well with the voting alumni who placed their trust and confidence in her leadership.

The elections were competitive, featuring three distinguished candidates—Ilia Krastev (’00), Valya Nadova (’13), and Viktor Getov (EMBA ’22). Each candidate brought their own unique vision and expertise, aiming to contribute positively to the alumni community and the broader university landscape. The campaign period was a time of robust discussion and shared aspirations, highlighting the dedication of these individuals to AUBG’s legacy and future.

Joining Valya in leading the Alumni Association are Miroslav Arnaudov (’11) as vice-president and Simona Stancheva (’17) as treasurer. Their collective experience and commitment form a dynamic leadership team poised to drive the association forward with integrity and innovative vision.

AUBG also extends its gratitude to outgoing president Jordan Karabinov (’97), who served over two terms. Jordan’s leadership was instrumental in surpassing the goals set by the Alumni Association, significantly enhancing the support structure for the alumni community and fostering a cooperative and thriving environment.

Looking ahead, AUBG is enthusiastic about collaborating with the new leadership team, looking forward to the future initiatives and engagement within the alumni community, ensuring that AUBG continues to flourish and inspire current and future generations.

This transition marks a new chapter for the AUBG Alumni Association, one filled with possibilities and the promise of continued excellence and community involvement.