Monika Evstatieva (’05) Nominated for the Peabody Awards

April 26, 2024
Monika Evstatieva (’05) Nominated for the Peabody Awards

AUBG alumna Monika Evstatieva (’05) is among the nominees for the Peabody Awards in the Radio/Podcast category.

Monika’s nomination is a well-deserved recognition of her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to journalistic excellence. Her investigative piece, “How the Far Right is Making Voting Fraud Easier,” produced for National Public Radio (NPR), delves deeply into a pressing societal issue.

In the piece, Monika exposed the challenges within the ERIC system, a critical tool for identifying voter fraud, and unveils deliberate attempts by conservative groups to weaken it. Her work exemplifies the highest standards of journalistic integrity, shining a light of truth in today’s complex media environment.

The Peabody Awards, hosted by the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism, honor outstanding media narratives that tackle significant social issues. Monika’s nomination, selected from a highly competitive pool of over 1,100 entries, underscores the powerful impact of her storytelling.

“We are incredibly proud of Monika and her contributions to journalism,” said President Ensign. “Her nomination for the Peabody Awards not only highlights the global influence of our alumni network but also serves as a testament to the rigorous education and ethical principles instilled at AUBG.”

The Peabody Award winners will be announced on May 9th, followed by a prestigious ceremony in Los Angeles on June 9th. AUBG extends its heartfelt congratulations to Monika and wishes her continued success in her distinguished career.