The Biggest AUBG Open House Event So Far

November 18, 2022 Tsvetina Georgieva
The Biggest AUBG Open House Event So Far

On November 12, AUBG hosted its annual Open House event. 500 students, parents, and guests from different towns and villages had the opportunity to see the university’s campus, meet its representatives, and feel its spirit.

Open House usually takes place twice per academic year: once in November and once in February. Because of the pandemic, in the last two years, the event was held online. This semester, it happened on-ground and gathered a record number of people.

“This last Open House was so important and highly anticipated both by visitors and by us, the organizers,” Emilia Tsintsarska, Administrative assistant at AUBG’s Admissions Office, said.

Within a whole day, AUBG guests attended a few activities such as speeches, musical presentations, campus tours, mock lectures, and a students’ Club Fair. They had the chance to talk to current AUBG students and staff members and see what having a lecture looks like

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AUBG Open House campus tour

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Prof. Mandrik giving a much lecture in marketing

“The students enjoyed the lectures so much that they wanted to book more than the allowed number,” Admissions team members said.

The campus tours and the Club Fair were among the things that impressed potential AUBG students and their parents. At the Club Fair, they talked to representatives of each club and felt the AUBG spirit, while the campus tours provided a closer look at the facilities the university offers.

The Admissions team members noticed that “everyone was impressed by the facilities we have, especially the library and the sports hall.”

In case the guests had questions or needed help and further clarification, they could go to the Admissions office.

“We made sure that high-school students and their families received the personal attention each of them deserved,” Tsintsarska said.

The record number of visitors gives hope for more future applicants as the students “liked the experience and what they saw or learned” as some Admissions Office representatives said.

This article was originally published by the independent student media AUBG Daily by Tsvetina Georgieva. 

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