How to Guide: Finance Your Education

January 04, 2024
How to Guide: Finance Your Education

Your ultimate guide on how to apply for AUBG: Finance Your Education. Learn everything you need to know about it.

There are multiple ways to finance your education at AUBG. For instance, you can apply for financial aid and additional scholarships, request a student loan, become a student assistant and participate in The Summer Work and Travel Program. Read this article to learn more about each of these opportunities. 

Financial Aid

When putting together the application for AUBG, you can apply for financial aid and scholarships.  

The form for financial aid must be filled out with the applicant’s parents or guardians. The university strongly recommends that you read carefully the instructions regarding the supporting documentation of assets and income proof as the decision of the financial aid allocation will be made upon the submitted data. In case one of the required documents is missing, you will not be considered for financial aid.  


As a rule, financial aid does not affect merit-based scholarships. However, some scholarships have a financial aid consideration. The list of such scholarships may be found here.  

Student Loans

There are a few different loans available for AUBG students. The first one is a student loan for first-year students which is available for all newly accepted Bulgarian students. This type of consumer loan can enable Bulgarian students to cover their first-semester educational expenses. It is a good option to consider until they secure a government-guaranteed student loan which is used for covering the above-mentioned consumer loan. In addition, a government-guaranteed student loan covers the full amount of tuition fee for four years with an interest rate of up to 7% each year. This loan is available for Bulgarian and EU students only. However, there are other loans available for international students. AUBG has entered into agreements with commercial banks to give international students an opportunity to cover their tuition fees at least partially. If you want to find out more about all available loans visit the available student loans programs page.  

Student Assistant Positions 

AUBG gives you a chance to work as a student assistant at different administrative offices. Such offices are Accounting Office, Admissions Office, Career Center, Communications and Marketing Office, and so on. Earnings from student assistant positions are credited to the student’s account and can be used to purchase textbooks or to reduce tuition fees and other academic expenses. If you want to know which administrative offices are looking for student assistants, you should contact the representatives of respective offices at the beginning of each semester.  

The Summer Work and Travel Program  

The Summer Work and Travel (WAT) Program is another great opportunity you can take advantage of to finance your education at AUBG. This program allows you to be employed in the United States for the duration of the summer season. Apart from working, you will also have the chance to travel across the United States and get accustomed to a different culture. For more information about the program and the application process, you can visit the US Embassy page. 

Internship Opportunities

You can take advantage of the AUBG Alumni Directory where AUBG alumni and recent students post up open positions for internships and part-time positions, suitable for current students.

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